AllGo Beta Launches

Plus Size Review App AllGo Launches Beta in Portland

Back in March, we told you about AllGo, the accessibility app for plus size people that was in the works. In the months since, the company has been hard at work on a beta, and it is finally here.

What Does AllGo Do For Plus Size People?

AllGo allows users to rate the comfort and accessibility of public spaces, from restaurants and theaters, to nail salons, co-working spaces and the like. Most of us have had experiences with chairs threatening to buckle under us, or booths being too small to accommodate us. AllGo hopes to alleviate the stress and potential embarrassment these situations can cause by allowing you to research before you head to a new place.

Bruce Sturgell and Rebecca from AllGo
Photo: Michele Amar

In Portland, Oregon? Join the AllGo Beta

AllGo is based in Portland, Oregon, so naturally the beta is kicking off in the Portland area. Head to App Store or Google Play to download the AllGo for your respective phone and get signed up. The company’s longer-term plans are to branch out to other cities as things progress. People in the Portland area can help AllGo get to those other cities more quickly by signing up for the beta and reviewing the places they visit.

Rebecca Alexander from AllGo

Learn More About AllGo

Get all the details on AllGo at their website, or by downloading the app at the App Store or at Google Play.