Paul Fredrick White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt

Thing of the Week: The Paul Fredrick White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt

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Welcome to Thing of the Week, the feature that shows you the clothing and products we dig, and tells you why you need them in your closet. This week, we’re helping you transition out of your cold weather business attire with the help of this White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt from Paul Fredrick.

What it is: Paul Fredrick White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt

Why you need it: Spring is here, and the weather is getting warmer. If your office requires you to dress up for work, you know what it’s like to boil in your business attire. The Paul Fredrick White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt is surprisingly soft and lightweight, offering a stylish look that works as well without a jacket as it does with one.

Big guys like us will find the breathable fabric to be a lifesaver when the sun is beating down and you still have to look presentable. Another added bonus is that the shirt is made to be easy to take care of. Don’t take it to the dry cleaners; just machine wash warm, tumble dry, and you’re good to go. The fact that the shirt is wrinkle free means that you’re going to look put together even if you just hopped off a morning long flight. Seriously, the less ironing we have to do, the better.

You can customize this shirt to your specifications, with sizes to 20-37, and a variety of collars and cuffs available.

Don’t work in an office? Everyone needs a go-to dress shirt in their arsenal. Weddings, special events, hot dates – this shirt covers you for any situation.

Price: CHUBSTR READER EXCLUSIVE: $24.95 White Non-Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt + $19.95 Tie + Free Monogram at Paul Fredrick using promo code: T7MP3X. Ends 5/31 – shop now!

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