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Take Casual to the Next Level with the OnePiece Slacker Jog Pant

Slacker Jog Pant from OnePieceYou know OnePiece, right? They’re the L.A. based company bringing adult onesies to the masses.  Turns out, even if you’re not looking to relive a childhood full of comfortable zip up pajamas, you can still get in on some of their other products, even if you’re a bigger guy. I tried out their Slacker Jog Pant ($99) in black, and was surprised by the fit and construction.

The pants are form-fitting in the legs (without being too clingy) and looser in the thighs, which favors someone built like me, with linebacker legs. It also creates a pretty cool silhouette, which you don’t see all that often in what are essentially sweatpants. You can wear these out in public and not feel quite as much like you grabbed something and just threw it on, even though that’s probably exactly what you did.

Though OnePiece doesn’t carry much in the way of extended sizes, they do offer sizes to XL. I generally wear between a 2X and 4X in this type of pant, yet the Slacker Jog Pant fits me comfortably. Stretchy, yet form-fitting enough to look good – if you’re interested in a super casual sweat pant for those days when you just don’t need want to dress up, take a look at the Slacker Jog Pant at