NiceThreads: A Personal Stylist Service for Big & Tall Men

It feels like we’ve been asking for a Trunk Club-esque service for big and tall men forever. You know what I’m talking about – a service that gives you a stylist who understands what you like, and knows what you need from a fit and style perspective. It looks like our wait is finally over, as men’s clothing retailer DXL gets into the business with NiceThreads, its new clothing delivery service that does exactly that. 

DXL asked me to review NiceThreads, in exchange for the clothing I received in the box. As always, the opinions below are my own. 

NiceThreads Style Selection Page

 Setting Up Your NiceThreads Account

Once you’re on the website, NiceThreads wastes no time getting you started. Enter your basic account information, then choose from the option that best matches your personality and lifestyle: casual, business casual, or suiting. I opted for casual. From there, you’re taken to a page that lets you choose your favorites from an extensive list of brands. 

The great thing about this section is that you can give NiceThreads a better idea of what you like by choosing your favorite brands. The not so great thing was that there were some names in this list that I was unfamiliar with, and the page didn’t offer any kind of explanation or ability to see clothes from the brand on that page. I might have missed some brands that would have been a good fit for me. Hopefully this is something they will update in the future. 

Moving from the brands page, you’re taken to a section that asks for your sizes. Shirt, coat, neck, waist, inseam, shoes – everything you’d expect can be found there. This is one of those times that knowing your measurements comes in handy. If you don’t want to do them yourself, go to a tailor and get them done by a pro. 

 Once you’ve entered your sizes, you’re done with the online portion of the process. You’re then taken to a confirmation page that lets you know that a stylist will reach out to you shortly. 

Hoodie and button-down from NiceThreads

Connecting With Your Personal Stylist

Soon after, I received a call from Pauline, my NiceThreads stylist. The goal of our first call was to help her get to know me a little better. By knowing more about my needs, and the style of clothing I like (or don’t), Pauline was better able to find clothes that she was sure I would want to wear, and that would actually fit me. 

From our call, she was able to figure out what kind of style I prefer (somewhere between blue collar classic and hipster), and how I like my clothing to fit (read: not baggy). Pauline explained that NiceThreads would keep a file with my sizing, preferences, and purchase history, so that when I needed something new, she’d be able to recommend the perfect product to fit my needs.

 The conversation was great, and I felt pretty confident that she’d be able to get me clothes that I would like. Pauline told me that she had some great things in mind for me, and that I would receive a package from her within 8 days. From there, I’d try things on and choose my favorites, then send back whatever wasn’t for me. The best part? There was no risk, as I would only be charged for anything I did not return after seven business days.

Bruce's NiceThreads Box

What’s Inside My NiceThreads Box?

About a week later, my box arrived. The large, rectangular box was fairly heavy – a good sign. Upon opening, I could see that a lot of care had been taken when it came to presentation – there were bundles of clothing wrapped in string and paper, with a shoebox underneath, and a booklet on top. Inside the booklet was a list of all the items in the box, return instructions and a prepaid return label. Here’s what Pauline included in my box:

  • New Balance cross trainers
  • Two button down shirts
  • A gingham dress shirt
  • Three pairs of jeans (two Levi’s and one Buffalo David Bitton)
  • A Polo Sport hoodie
  • Polo Ralph Lauren pants
  • Socks: sport and multi-stripe
  • Accessories: a pocket square and collar stays
  • A sweet looking Robert Graham plaid tweed ivy cap 

I was pleasantly surprised by how spot-on Pauline was with the products she chose. I explained that it was difficult to find shoes that fit my wide feet, and she came back with these super light, great fitting New Balance sneakers. When we talked about jeans, I told her that I needed some that fit me well and can work with a variety of looks. She added two pairs of Levi’s 541 athletic fit jeans to the mix, with a blue and a dark wash, and some Buffalo David Britton twill jeans in a grey wash to shake things up a bit. 

 Pauline did something great here in that there were reasons for each piece she added to the box. She also set it up so that I was able to mix and match many of the items to create different looks. Basically, she put together full outfits for me with everything she chose – something that can be difficult for many guys to do on their own. 

Another look styled by NiceThreads

 NiceThreads: What’s the Verdict?

It’s great to see a large company like DXL investing in a clothing delivery service for big and tall men. The variety of styles and wide selection of products they carry ensures that NiceThreads will be able to fit most styles (and sizes). The stylist interaction is top notch – I felt like she really understood what I liked, and sent me clothes I would actually wear. Though I wish there would have been more information on the brands available early in the process, that is something that can easily be fixed in the future. 

Cap from NiceThreads

Update: Since my initial review, NiceThreads has made several enhancements to their program. Now there are chat options, so that immediately after signing up you can chat online with your stylist or decide upon a better time for a phone call. This makes getting in touch even easier and at a time that is most convenient for you.

They stick to about five items per package, unless you request more. It makes the experience a little less overwhelming. However, no matter the size of the package, you can always return everything before getting charged.

In addition to an introductory offer, NiceThreads will now also give you 10% off your entire order if you keep all the items that were sent in your package. If you’re looking for some help getting your style together with clothes that will actually fit you, NiceThreads is certainly worth a look

All in all, I’m happy with my NiceThreads experience, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a professional to help them fill their closet with stylish clothing that fits. You can try it for yourself at

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