Liteboxer VR Big Guy Workout Review

Liteboxer VR Brings the Boxing Gym to You

It’s not easy to find a fat-friendly place to work out. I’ve tried so many gyms, athletic clubs, and studios, and I never felt quite at home. Once the pandemic hit, huffing and puffing through a workout next to a stranger wasn’t an option, so I stopped looking. Thanks to technology, there are options for people like me who want to try various workout activities from the comfort of their homes. Liteboxer VR for the Meta Quest 2 does exactly that, letting you bring the boxing gym to your living room.

Liteboxer brings you an at-home boxing workout

Liteboxer originally launched as a piece of home workout equipment that could be used with a floor stand or mounted to the wall. Think Peloton, but with punching instead of cycling. Virtual coaches walk you through high-intensity workouts set to music while teaching you boxing fundamentals. The standalone Liteboxer starts at $1495, which can present a barrier to entry. That’s where Liteboxer VR comes in.

Liteboxer VR Training Interface
Image: Liteboxer

Becoming a boxer with Liteboxer VR

Boxing is not something I would ever try in the real world. I’ve watched enough matches to know that I’m not going to go toe-to-toe with Tyson Fury anytime soon. That said, I’ve always been curious about the basics of the sport, and Liteboxer VR gives you those in spades. Strap on your Meta Quest 2, boot up the game, and you can hop right in.

You’ll see an interface that gives you all your workout options and stats at a glance. Choose the type of workout you want to do, from sparring sessions and strength training to sessions where you work out along with the trainers. Want to do your own thing? Choose freestyle and get to it.

In the weeks that I tested Liteboxer VR for this article, I found it to be a solid, thorough workout. Initially, I was concerned about my VR headset flying off as I moved, but that was never an issue. It stayed in place as I moved, and I would forget I had it on as I got into my workout.

Know someone else with a Quest 2 and Liteboxer VR? You can compete with them as well. The entire system is pretty flexible and can be customized to your exact preferences. You can even choose the music you want to listen to, and there’s a wide variety of genres and artists to choose from. Want to do a 1-song workout? No problem.

Is Liteboxer VR for you?

If you’ve got a Meta Quest 2 and you’re boxing training workouts are your thing, Liteboxer VR is worth a try. With so many workout types and music options, you’re bound to find a combination that suits you. For folks who aren’t comfortable going to a real-world gym to do this kind of workout, having the option to do it at home is handy.

The $18.99 monthly subscription fee is as much (or more) than some gym memberships, but a 7-day free trial will let you give Liteboxer VR a try to see if you like it. Learn more about Liteboxer VR at their website and throw a few punches for yourself.

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