Levi's Secondhand Big & Tall Vintage Jeans

Get Sustainable, Vintage Big & Tall Jeans With Levi’s Secondhand

It’s not easy to find a good pair of vintage big & tall jeans. Levi’s is helping solve that problem with Levi’s Secondhand, their new platform allowing customers to buy used and vintage denim.

Levi's Secondhand big & tall denim

Why you should buy used big & tall jeans

Sustainability matters. Though we’re seeing more sustainable options in the apparel industry at large, big & tall has been slow to follow. According to Levi’s (and the Green Story Environmental Study), if everyone bought one used clothing item this year, we would save 449 million pounds of waste. That alone is reason enough to buy used or vintage big & tall denim.

Used options generally cost less and give customers access to difficult to find clothing from past seasons. Levi’s Secondhand jeans start at $28 and are available in a variety of sizes, fits, colors, and conditions. That said, vintage options can be a bit more pricey. More on that below.

Levi's Secondhand Big & Tall Trade In

How Levi’s Secondhand works

Want to buy some used or vintage Levi’s big & tall? Visit the Levi’s Secondhand website and shop the jeans, jackets, shorts, or vintage categories to get what you need.

Want to trade in your old Levi’s? Make an appointment to trade in your Levi’s used or vintage big & tall jeans, denim jackets, or shorts at a participating store and you’ll receive a gift card to use for a future purchase. The company will the clean, sort, and list the clothes on the Levi’s Secondhand website.

Levi's vintage big & tall jeans

What’s available In Levi’s used and vintage big & tall?

There are a lot of extended size options on the Levi’s Secondhand site. Want something aged and distressed? Looking for jeans in mint condition? Filter by condition to get what you need. You can also shop by fit, fit number, collection, color, and stretch. I found six different fit numbers with seven colors available in my size with prices ranging from $35 to $118.

If you’re looking for vintage (clothes made before 2000) Levi’s, you won’t be disappointed. A quick search of the vintage category for sizes 46 – 52 brought me several pairs of vintage 501’s, 540’s, 545’s, and 550’s in an array of colors. Prices range from $118 to $128, which isn’t bad for vintage big & tall jeans. Before you buy vintage, refer to the sizing information on the product page and the Levi’s Secondhand fit guide, found here.

If you’re a size 3XL or smaller, you might find a classic Levi’s big & tall trucker jacket available, though there’s far less inventory available in that category.

Keep in mind that Levi’s Secondhand inventory changes regularly, so if you don’t find exactly what you want today, check back tomorrow, or next week. Inventory changes regularly as people trade things in.

Levi's Secondhand Big & Tall Vintage Denim Jacket

Will You Shop Levi’s Secondhand Big & Tall?

Now you know what Levi’s Secondhand is all about. Will you be shopping the site? Let us know in the comments or on social, and check out the Levi’s Secondhand site for yourself by clicking here. Need modern jeans? Check out the selection in the Chubstr Shop.

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