L.L.Bean Big & Tall

L.L.Bean Big & Tall Adds More Sizes and Styles to Men’s Collection

L.L.Bean believes everyone should find clothes that help them enjoy the outdoors. The company has added more sizes and styles to their inventory to accomplish that mission, with big & tall sizes available to XXXL and 46 waist.

What’s available in L.L.Bean big & tall sizes?

At their website, you’ll find more than 100 L.L.Bean big & tall clothing options available in a variety of styles, prints, and patterns. The new editions cover shirts, sweaters, outerwear, shorts, and more. L.L.Bean also made a point to ensure that their big & tall clothing is the same price as their smaller options – something many brands charge extra for.

More clothes & gear to be added throughout the year

According to Alex Intraversato, L.L.Bean Vice President of Men’s & Women’s Apparel, the current sizing additions are just the beginning. “We heard from our customers that they wanted more from us: more styles, more colors, more prints and patterns, and more sizes. To give our customers what they want and need, we’re increasing the number of styles in all sizes across all categories.”

L.L.Bean inclusive sizing

Moving forward, L.L.Bean plans to expand the size and weight range of select footwear and gear, including sleeping bags, packs, and snowshoes, among other products. “At the end of the day, we’re excited to provide the comfort, durability, and weather protection our customers need to get outside more often,” says Intraversato.

Here’s what we want from L.L.Bean big & tall

A big brand like L.L.Bean expanding their sizing options is precisely what bigger folks want. The company knows that many of us enjoy the outdoors just like our smaller counterparts. We want options to help us have the best experiences when we do. It’s great to see L.L.Bean joining brands like Merrell in making size inclusivity part of their mission.

Unlike other brands that launch extended size products and stop supporting them soon after, L.L.Bean seems to be in it for the long run.

We hope that the maximum size range of XXXL is only the beginning. It would be great to see larger sizes introduced in the future. That all depends on sales of current L.L.Bean big & tall offerings. If enough customers purchase XXXL products and people who need bigger sizes ask for them, it wouldn’t be surprising to see additional sizes join the collection.

LL Bean Tall Clothing

See the L.L.Bean big & tall collection for yourself

You can see all of L.L.Bean’s new sizes and styles at their website. Will you be trying L.L.Bean’s new, more inclusive sizing options? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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