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Introducing Our New Series, Behind the Brand

Not everyone making big and tall clothing is doing it with bigger bodies in mind. Our new series, Behind the Brand, takes a closer look at some of the companies making extended size clothing that actually fits. We talk to the designers behind some these lines to find out how they’re making the clothes you love in the sizes you need.

JCPenney Headquarters Dallas Texas

We’re Heading to Texas

We’re kicking off Behind the Brand with a trip to JCPenney Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, where we’ll meet with the designers behind their Foundry Big & Tall line. We’ll learn how they created their new fall collection specifically for bigger bodies – from creating the designs, to putting samples on fit models, to releasing the collection in stores.

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You’ll get to see designers doing the thing we’re always asking them to do, which is to make clothes that we actually want to wear in sizes that fit our bodies correctly. There’s a whole process that goes into making quality clothing for bigger people, and the companies we’re featuring on Behind the Brand are the ones that are getting it right.

Behind the Brand: JCPenney

See the Clothes on Regular Guys

After we learn how the team has put together their fall line, we’ll do a bit of shopping with two local guys who are on the hunt for new looks. Members of the JCPenney Foundry design team will help these guys find clothes with style that look great on them and fit the way that they’re supposed to.

Behind the Brand Series Premiere Thursday September 13th.

Catch the first episode of our 3 part series premiere Thursday, September 13th at or over on our Youtube page. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so that you’re the first to find out about future episodes of Behind the Brand, later this fall.

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