Indochino Big & Tall Suit Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Indochino Big & Tall Suit

It’s been a while since most of us have had to suit up. The world took a turn for a few years, and suddenly our formalwear consisted of joggers and hoodies. Now that we’re getting back out there, it’s time to rediscover your style. Where do you go when you need to class things up with a suit? We met with the folks at Indochino to find out how their new custom suits fit big & tall guys, with sizes available online to 72.

Creating the perfect Indochino Big & Tall Suit

When you’re looking for a suit, consider what you already have and what you actually need. If you’re buying your first (and maybe only) suit, go with a tried and true charcoal or navy color. Both of these are versatile and appropriate for almost any situation. Indochino’s suits are modern and highly customizable, so you’ll look good in whatever you choose.

If you’ve got the foundational suits covered and you’re ready for something that stands out a bit more, you’re in luck. Indochino big & tall suits are available in a wide spectrum of colors. Weekend trip to Vegas? Try the Harford Velvet Burgundy Suit. If that’s a bit too out there, consider something in camel, brown, or green.

When it came to my suit, I opted for the Monza Royal Flannel Olive Suit. The multi-tonal wool suit looked luxurious and colorful while still having that classic feel. Plus, I had the perfect pair of Adelante dress shoes to pair with it. I knew this was the suit for me.

Indochino Big & Tall Guide

Getting measured for your suit

So you’ve chosen your suit, but how do you ensure that you get the perfect fit? With Indochino, you’ve got two options. You can go through the online measurement process by creating an account at Their website will show you how to accurately measure yourself from the comfort of your home. I definitely recommend having someone help you with your measurements so that you get them right the first time.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Head to one of Indochino’s 75 locations across the U.S. and Canada and let them handle the hard stuff. I opted to do this by visiting their showroom in downtown Portland, Oregon. Jimmy, the showroom manager, took my measurements and helped me customize the suit to my exact specifications. With his guidance, I chose details like the lapel, vents, buttons, pockets, the monogram, and even the specific lining pattern for the inside of the suit.

Indochino Big & Tall Suit Lining

I’ve had my fair share of negative experiences as a big guy shopping for clothes in an actual store. Jimmy made me feel comfortable and it was obvious that he knew how to make sure that a suit for a big guy would actually fit. It was a great experience that left me excited for my Indochino big & tall suit to arrive at my door within a few weeks.

Does Indochino have size limits?

Over the years, Indochino has changed and updated its made-to-measure pattern technology. The fit method used in showrooms is based on samples that they can adjust to create a unique pattern for each customer. Indochino’s in-store maximum body measurements are as follows:

  • Indochino in-store maximum body measurements: Chest 155.4cm / 61”. Stomach 147cm / 57.9”. Approx. maximum size: 55R US / 70 UK

The company’s online measurement tool allows for larger size measurements. The issue with this, according to a support article on their website, is that your at-home measurements may not be as accurate as what you would get from a professional. This is where having a second person to help you with the online measurement process can come in handy. Indochino’s online maximum body measurements are as follows:

  • Indochino online maximum measurements: Chest 194.4cm / 76.5”. Stomach 191cm / 75.2”. 
    Approx. maximum size: 72 US/ 90 UK

Indochino’s in-store sizing limitations haven’t always been clearly stated, resulting in some frustration when a few bigger guys arrived at their appointments but were unable to fit into a sample. The company is focused on fixing this issue by being clearer about size limits and what it can accommodate in-store as opposed to online.

When I asked about sizing limitations during my fitting, Jimmy told me that if they were unable to fit a customer into a sample in-store, they would do everything they could to help them get into a suit, including helping them go through the online measurement process. Bottom line, Indochino doesn’t want you leaving one of their showrooms having had a negative experience, so they’ll do what they can to get you what you need.

The takeaway: If your suit size is above 55R, consider shopping Indochino’s website and going through the online measurement process.

The final fitting

A few weeks after visiting the showroom, the Indochino big & tall suit I ordered arrived at my door. When you receive your suit, you have the option of scheduling a final fitting to ensure that everything is exactly the way you need it. If something needs to be changed, reach out to Indochino’s Customer Experience team to schedule a showroom appointment or start a Fit Claim.

I opted to take my suit to the showroom for alterations. I put on the suit and Jimmy marked what needed to be done. The whole process took around 20 minutes. A week later, I received a call telling me that the alterations were complete. I headed into the showroom, tried on the suit once more, and it was good to go.

Shop Indochino’s Black Friday sale

Right now, you can get an Indochino big & tall suit starting at $299 during their Black Friday sale. You’ll find suits in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, with something for everyone. Don’t need a suit? Get big discounts on their shirts, pants (I recommend the Halton Sage Chino), and outerwear as well. Book an apppointment or shop online here.

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