Fish Takes a (Long) Walk in Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes

It all started with a perfectly aimed sidebar ad on favorite website. The click-through opened a door to a land of mildly curious looking shoes being sold at reasonable prices. Further exploration led to the discovery of a shoe called Wally, and that where the love affair with Hey Dude Shoes began.

The Wally, by Hey Dude Shoes

Wally is part chukka boot, part moccasin, with a little sprinkle of sneaker thrown in there for good measure. Despite this unlikely combination, Wally is a handsome casual shoe that wears like a weekend slipper. Yep, we’re talking serious comfort here.

The comfort of this laid-back loafer comes from the sum of its sumptuous parts. This particular version of Wally features soft, nut-brown Italian suede and is lined with comfy low-pile fleece. Underfoot, there is a foam rubber distressed-style sole that is mildly supportive, but seriously squishy and a joy to stomp around with while looking good doing it.

Wally comes with a stretch lacing system installed as standard. Hey Dude Shoes also includes a set of round nylon hard-laces, as well. The choice is yours. Already familiar with the advantages of stretchy shoelaces, I tightened these up, trimmed off the excess and now enjoy Wally as a slip-on.

Hey Dude Wally Shoes

Now for the not so good news. The squishy sole, though very comfortable, may be the Achilles heel of this shoe. Based on how much wear is showing on the sole after a month of being in heavy rotation, I get the sense that it may not necessarily last very long if worn all day, every day. To be fair, though, not everyone walks 60-70 miles per week like I do (especially since Pokemon Go just been released). As an occasional shoe Wally could last a good long time.

Hey Dude Wally

So, all in all, Wally is a good friend for the feet. There’s plenty of room in the toe box, abundant cushioning underfoot, and fantastically quirky style throughout the entire lineup of Hey Dude Shoes. Do yourself a favor and start at the clearance page where the prices range from awesome to incredible.