Helix Nightfall Mattress

The Helix Nightfall Mattress is Made for Plus Size People

Helix, the company making mattresses that are personalized to a customer’s exact specifications just released the Nightfall, a new mattress made for plus size people. Designed with the needs of bigger bodies in mind, the mattress is taller and denser, allowing for more comfort, support and durability.

A Reinforced Mattress for Heavy People

When Helix set out to create the Nightfall, they wanted to address the issues that many plus size people have with their mattresses. An additional layer of high density foam to fight against sagging and offer more support. The mattress itself is a hybrid of high quality foams and coils, reinforced and individually wrapped for edge support. The Nightfall supports up to 1000 lbs of combined weight or 500 lbs per sleeper.

The Helix Nightfall Mattress for plus size people
The Helix Nightfall Mattress for plus size people

A Bigger Mattress for a Bigger Sleeper

The Helix Nightfall mattress is slightly taller than the average Helix mattress, clocking in at 12″ instead of 10″. This allows more room for the high density foam and coils that help reinforce and make the bed more comfortable.

Helix Nightfall Ultra Cool Cover
The Helix Ultra-Cool Cover

Comfort and Coolness

The scourge of my (and many plus size people’s) existence is getting too hot while sleeping. The Helix Nightfall mattress comes with what they call a two-touch cover layer, offering softness, airflow and breathability. Not sure that’s enough for you? Add a Helix Ultra-Cool Cover to keep things even colder. This removable mattress cover features phase change material (translation: material that absorbs and releases thermal energy to help regulate your body temperature) that helps cool things off for more restful sleep.

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Helix Nightfall Mattress Foam Interior
Here’s what’s inside the Helix Nightfall Mattress

Nightfall Offers Support No Matter How You Sleep

Are you a side sleeper? Sleep on your belly? Your back? The Helix Nightfall Mattress provides body contouring no matter what position you prefer to sleep in.

Helix Nightfall Mattress

Take 100 Nights to Decide

Switching to a new mattress means an adjustment period while your body gets used to it. That’s one of the reasons that Helix offers a 100 Night Sleep Trial. Get cozy, sleep like you normally do. You’ll get a better feel for your new Nightfall mattress and know that you’ve got time to make sure it’s perfect for you. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it within the first 100 days.

If you decide to keep the mattress, you’re covered with a 10 year warranty.

Helix Nightfall Mattress Corner
Try the Helix NIghtfall Mattress for yourself

Learn More About the Helix Nightfall Mattress

Helix makes the Nightfall in Queen, King and California King with prices starting at $1,190 and financing available. Get more details and order your Helix mattress here.

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