Helix Cool Pillow Plus Size Review

Thing of the Week: The Helix Cool Pillow is for Plus Size People

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If you’re a hot sleeper with a sweaty head, finding the perfect sleep solution can be a pain. We’ve talked about mattresses for plus size people that will keep you cool at night, but what about pillows? [eafl id=”117865″ name=”Helix landing page (pillow review article)” text=”Helix”], a company primarily known for making mattresses that are personalized to the buyer’s exact specifications offers the Helix Cool Pillow, a pillow that can be adjusted to your body type, comfort level, or preferred sleeping position. We put the pillow to the test over the course of 4 hot nights, and here’s how it went.
Helix Cool Pillow Plus Size People

A Pillow Made for Comfort

The Helix Cool pillow is made to offer support if you need it, or to be extra soft if you don’t. With most pillows, it’s either/or, so finding one that does both is unique. The pillow is made with memory foam and a down alternative and features support insert layers that can be removed (think smaller, flatter pillows inside the pillow) to allow you to change and control the amount of loft the pillow offers. If you want a big fluffy pillow, you’ve got it. Want a flat one? You’ve got that too.
Helix Cool Adjustable Pillow

Sleep How You Want with the Helix Cool Pillow

Though I primarily sleep on my back, there are times throughout the night when I want to sleep on my side. This doesn’t last long, because my arm falls asleep or I wake up in an uncomfortable position. My old memory foam pillows were solid and didn’t offer any support. With all the inserts in, the Helix Cool pillow is bigger and lifts me up a bit, allowing me to sleep on my side longer and much more comfortably.

Since starting to test these pillows a few nights ago, I’ve found myself sleeping on my side more often than not, which is quite a surprise and sort of a dream come true for plus size people who can’t always comfortably sleep on their side for extended periods of time.

If you don’t want a lofty pillow, remove one or both of the inserts and you’ll find your head closer to the mattress. This removes any neck tilt and is perfect for stomach sleepers. As someone who sleeps on their back most of the time, I found that sleeping on it this way made it feel like most other pillows. For me, the selling point is the being able to sleep on my side.
Helix Cool Pillow

Does the Helix Cool Pillow Actually Keep You Cool?

The big question: does the pillow keep you cool at night? The short answer is yes. I put it to the test on some of the hottest summer nights where I live (daytime temps of 95 degrees plus) and I never woke up with a sweaty head. Our bedroom is upstairs in our house and if it’s warm during the day, it continues to be stuffy at night. I constantly overheat at night and waking up sweaty is fairly normal, especially this time of year. I woke up with a sweaty back one of the nights I tested the pillow, but my head wasn’t hot. Each morning of the test, I woke up with a sweat free head.

I have a few pillows that feel actively cooler to the touch; the Helix Cool pillow isn’t like that. The polyethylene fabric it is constructed from does a great job of transferring heat, it just doesn’t have the same feel that you might expect from other cooling pillows. I guess you could say it’s less about being flashy and more about just working.
Helix Cool Pillow

Should You Buy a Helix Cool Pillow?

The Helix Cool pillow does a lot of things that you normally need multiple pillows to achieve. You can make it big and fluffy or lower and flatter. It allows bigger people to more comfortably sleep on their sides for longer periods of time, and it stays cooler when you need it to. If you’re looking for a pillow that can be customized to your specific preferences while keeping you from overheating, this is the pillow for you. Get a standard size pillow for $115 or a king size pillow for $129.

EXCLUSIVE: Chubstr readers get $10 off their Helix Cool pillow purchase with the code CHUBSTR10. Click here to order yours! 

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