HeadBlade ATX: For all of your terrain

Reinventing the wheel is just not going to happen. Reinventing the razor by adding a couple wheels is something I have seen, but not until now have I had the opportunity to give one a try. The HeadBlade ATX is being touted as an “all terrain” razor, but for this review the only non-facial “terrain” service it’s been a part of has been atop my big shiny dome.


ATX All Terrain Razor System $29.99 Photo: Kenneth Fish

HeadBlade has been around since 1999, and though this razor, as with many of the razors on the market today, has gone through a number of evolutionary changes, the premise has remained a constant: To deliver a close shave quickly and with a minimum of skin shredding. The HeadBlade ATX pulls this off with great ease thanks to its very functional form. A good shave, however, doesn’t just happen with the ATX, it takes a little practice, especially if you happen to be accustomed to the regular blade on a stick razor configuration.


HeadBlade ATX $15.00 Photo: Kenneth Fish

When learning to use the ATX, you have to fight the urge to angle the blade the same way you would a conventional razor. Doing so results in a very frustrating user experience and a bad shave. Once you realize that the little wheels are there for a reason and that they can be trusted, the HeadBlade ATX really shines.

The combination of a HeadBlade HB4 four blade cartridge and a little squirt of their HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream and you are off on an all-terrain adventure that’ll leave you feeling cool and smooth. If, like me, you thought the HeadBlade razor wasn’t much more than a gimmicky marketing ploy, we’ll have to stand corrected together. The HeadBlade system works as advertised and provides a quick, close shave time after time.

HeadSlick Shave Cream $6.97 Photo: Kenneth Fish

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