Warby Parker Co-Founder Takes on Subscription Shaving With Harry’s

Harrys Razors

These days, you can find a subscription service for just about anything. Undershirts, cooking utensils, fishing lures – if you can think it,  you can probably find it available for a nominal monthly fee. In the past few years, subscription services such as Manpacks and Dollar Shave Club have cropped up, putting a focus on the growing demand for low-cost male grooming products, with great success. Now there’s another company hopping into the arena, with a focus on offering a higher end product, while giving a hand to those in need. Harry’s, co-founded by Jeff Raider, one of the founders of Warby Parker, is sending smartly designed razors and high quality shave cream to your mailbox at a surprisingly low cost.

The Truman Shave Set from Harry's

The process is simple: enter your blade and cream quantities, and how often you’d like to receive them, and Harry’s will enroll you in their Auto-Refill program. A bearded guy like me who only shaves his neck a couple times a week would get 8 blades and 1 tube of shave cream every 6 months. The blades would cost me $1.88 each and the shave cream would run $8. Add in the one time purchase of the handle ($10 for the Truman or $20 for the Winston) and you’re looking at about $33 to $43 for your first order, then $10-$20 less on the subsequent orders because you’ve already bought the handle. $23 every 6 months for blades and shave cream delivered right to my door sounds crazy reasonable. Plus, think about how many fewer trips to the drug store you’ll have to make for those last minute shaving utensils.

More info on Harry's Refill Service

The products themselves are a few steps above what you’ve probably come to expect from many of the other monthly shave product services. The Truman handle mentioned above is made from zinc alloy with a polymer coating, and available in 4 colors. It’s contoured and weighted to give you comfort and control. The Winston handle is made from precision-grade aluminum and they say it’s like the “wing of a plane,… designed to marry lightweight control with sturdy dependable performance.”

Harry's gives razors to people who need them

Not into the auto refill option? You’re in luck. Harry’s sells each of their products “a la carte,” or as part of a set. $15 gets you the Truman handle, 3 blades and a tube of shave cream. I dare say that’s cheaper than you’d pay at Target for disposable razors and a can of old school shaving foam. And if you’re the do-gooder type, you’ll take comfort in knowing that Harry’s donates a blade for each one they sell (or an equal dollar amount) to an organization that supports their mission of “helping people to look and feel great.”

Find out more about Harry’s blades, handles and shave cream at Harrys.com. Do you subscribe to Harry’s? Tell us how the service stacks up in the comments below.

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