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Hands On With The Indestructible North St Tabor Tote

North St Bags Tabor Tote
North St Bags Tabor Tote

Before we begin, here’s the thing you need to know: make practically anything out of Cordura Nylon, and that thing is already better than if it had been made out of almost any other material on earth. So there. Now that we got that bias out of the way, we can take a look at what there is to like (and possibly dislike) about the North St Extra Large Tabor Tote.

North St Tabor Tote in Large

The fact that North St makes this tote out of American-made 1000 denier Cordura Nylon packcloth means North St was serious when it set about making plans to build the Tabor Tote. The fact that this bag is made in Portland, Oregon, by real people makes the end result a bag that already has a leg up on anything imported. This isn’t simply an isolationist perspective, rather, it is a statement about how if something can be made in America from American materials at a price that Americans can afford then it should be. Period.

North St Tabor Tote on Picnic

The Tabor Tote comes in two sizes, 25 and 63 liter, and cost a surprisingly inexpensive $39 and $59, respectively. The 63 liter is the bag reviewed here, and there’s one thing for sure; this is a seriously big bag. In fact, if you were to fill this tote with beach sand (3.37lb/liter) it would weigh 212 pounds. What this means is that the bag is big enough to fill it to the point of being impossible to lift (for most people), and should be packed with that in mind. Since the Extra Large Tabor Tote is so big, if you happen to be shorter than me (6’ 2”), you should consider this bag something you bear upon your shoulder, because you will otherwise be dragging it on the ground.

The Tabor Tote features an internal zip pocket, which is great for gobbling up a couple handfuls of small things. It comes in Red, Sky Blue, Olive Green, and Midnight Blue. For more information about North St Bags, click here.

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