The Big Men's Guide to Layering for Fall

Guest Article: The Big Man’s Guide to Layering for Fall

You’re reading the very first guest article we’ve published to Chubstr. Thanks to our friends at UK big men’s clothing site Jacamo for contributing this, our first fall style guide. If you’ve got an idea for a guest article, you can contact us here to talk about it.

The Big Man's Guide to Layering for Fall

Layering for autumn

Here in the UK our summer has already started to go south. It’s getting cooler and the rain has arrived, so we need to start thinking about what to wear when the cold weather really sets in!

Our answer to colder weather is always layering. Wearing a number of lighter layers rather than one thick one has tons of advantages:

  • You can always remove a layer if it warms up
  • A number of thinner layers is actually warmer than one thick one
  • One thicker layer can make you look bigger than you are
  • Using a t-shirt, shirt and jacket you can create a structured look and a more tailored shape
  • You can create a number of different outfits with just a few pieces

Basic layering

The fundamental layered look consists of a t-shirt, a shirt, jumper (sweater/pullover) or cardigan and a jacket. If you opt for a jumper then try and go for a v-neck style and make sure the layer underneath is visible.

The aim is to give you a more tailored and finished look.  It’s a similar principle to wearing a suit, and one reason a suit that fits well looks good on everyone.

When to wear layers

Layers can be worn for almost any occasion. If you’re in the office then wear a plain shirt under a brighter jumper for an individual look, or if it’s the weekend wear a check shirt with jeans and a t-shirt for a comfortable style that looks great too.

Don’t forget, looking good is all about feeling confident in what you’re wearing. So just pick a few choice colours that look great on you, then you can mix and match your layers for a whole new wardrobe that won’t leave your wallet empty!

Thanks again to UK menswear company Jacamo for the guest article. They offer menswear in big sizes from brands like Ben Sherman, Lonsdale and Caterpillar, with sizes up to 5XL. If you’re in the US, you can buy clothing at their sister site, Simply Be.





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