How to Grow a Badass Beard


Red carpet to Main Street, it seems like every guy has a beard. Whether it’s a 5 o’clock shadow, a close crop, or a full out beard; they’re popping up on faces across the country. Sure you can grow hair on your face, most guys can, but can you grow a beard worthy of envy? A beard that will stop men and woman in their tracks? A beard that makes babies (and grown men) cry? Answer no to any of the above? Keep reading. You’re in the right place.


Moisturizing: If you’re starting from scratch, meaning a smooth face, you to need to prep the skin. A good beard starts with a clean face and soft skin. Wash your face in the shower with a natural face wash like Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash. It’ll clean your skin and pores without clogging them up. Clogged pores inhibit beard growth and that sucks.

Beard Conditioning: As your beard starts growing it, it may be coarse or wiry especially if you’re a beard noob. To combat this, try a beard lotion or conditioner. The best around is Bluebeard’s Beard Saver.  Not only does it work to smooth your beard, but it also reduced itchiness and soothes the skin underneath.  If you’ve got a beard already grown in, a dab from root to end tames it nicely.


Grooming: You have to keep that bad boy in line. The best tool for the job is a beard comb. This little guy will fit perfectly in your pocket and keep you from stroking your beard with your hands. The more you run your hands through your beard, the more oils and grim that gets on it. A dirty beard is a gross beard. No one wants that.

Trim: Sounds counter productive right? Like growing out the hair on your head, or working on a specific hairstyle, your beard will have to be trimmed and shaped to keep looking it’s best. To keep a neat appearance regardless of length, shave your neck and checks with a traditional razor. As your beard gets longer, use a small pair of scissors to trim strays especially around the moustache area.


Genetics: Bottom line: If your Dad has a sweet beard, you will too. If a full beard just isn’t happening, no judgment, but find a facial hairstyle that works for you. Think 5 o’clock shadow, moustache, or just a light beard, really anything except a goatee or chinstrap. And if you can’t grow jack, just stare, green with envy, as the beard of your dreams passes you by.

This article originally ran on A Boston Blazer. Photo credit: Alexander Ingram // A Boston Blazer.

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