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Gross Attitudes About Big Men & Outfitting Chubby Grooms


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Cauda-Pavonis said: I loved your article on braces (suspenders), but the GQ article linked within it contains really gross attitudes towards fat men.

Agreed. This is something we deal with every day online, and for some of us, in person. My personal take on this is that part of what Chubstr is about is taking the anti-fat sentiment and negative attitudes toward people of size, and pushing them to the side. We do this by showing big gents at their best – in most cases, bucking the exact ideas that people like the writer of that GQ article are perpetuating. This means that we have to look at articles like that one regularly, and take the important parts from them in order to translate that into something compelling for Chubstr readers.
Chubstr helps show the world that preconceived notions about big men and style are incorrect – being larger doesn't mean that you don't care about yourself, or that you shouldn't have options when it comes to creating a look that you love. 
You and I both (and those of you reading this) know that big guys have style – little by little we're working on showing everyone else that too. 
Big & Tall Groomsyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy asked: Big guys at the altar? What are the flyest looks for grooms of size?
Man, this is a hard one, because every wedding is different. Because of that, I'll focus more on formal(ish) looks. First off, don't just buy a suit off the rack. I highly recommend that you get something custom made and fitted to your exact measurements. This ensures you look and feel your best when you're walking down the aisle (or pulling up to the drive thru window so that Elvis can marry you). 
Custom isn't always expensive, as companies like Black Lapel and Indochino do great custom suits and tuxes if you're willing to provide your own measurements.
Black Lapel JUST put together a Summer Wedding Guide for gents who are planning to tie the knot in this sweltering heat. The looks range from very formal to less formal, and offer some good ideas for just about any situation.  Both companies also offer real style consultants who can help you put together a look with style for any big and tall groom. 
Keep an eye on Chubstr in the next few weeks for a more in-depth article about clothing options for bigger grooms.