Nike 7097 Wide Eyeglasses

Answerland: Finding Glasses for Big Heads

Art B asked: I’m looking for prescription frames, and having a hard time finding a reasonable source that has a good search ability.  I have a big head, and it’s hard to find glasses that fit AND look good. So far, I found Fatheadz Eyewear, but that’s about it.  So many online retailers have sprung up, but even the ones that have “large head” searches often don’t show frames bigger than 60.  Can you post this request for help in Answerland, so that other readers can share their eyewear finds?

Good Question. It’s a pain to find glasses that fit when you’ve got a larger than normal head. If you wear them for any extended period of time, they become uncomfortable, and as they’re not made to be stretched to their limits, they won’t last as long as they should. Besides, wearing glasses that are too small for your face just doesn’t look right.

Buying Glasses for Big Heads

Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Fade

After quite a bit of searching, I came across my newest pair of glasses at The Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Fade looked great and had the exact measurements I needed  (that particular frame is currently sold out – try the 7012 if you want a similar look). I get complements on these glasses at least once a week. They fit well, look good, and best of all, they were inexpensive. If you’re a first time customer with Coastal, you can usually find a promotion that’ll give you your first pair of glasses for free, minus shipping. I paid $15 total for these glasses (including prescription lenses), and they’re perfect for me. My experience with the company was great, so I’d recommend you take a look.

Warby Parker Roosevelt

Don’t discount Warby Parker if you’re looking for wide glasses with style. When viewing their eyeglass selections, you can filter your search to display only wide frames, and at the time of publishing this, there were 10 pairs of glasses available in different styles that are considered wide. Warby Parker’s glasses start at $95 and include lenses, just as coastal did. Even better, when you buy a pair, the company provides a pair to someone in need. I’m partial to the Roosevelt in newsprint grey, myself.

Lookmatic glasses for big heads

Lookmatic also offers large size glasses, though the current website design doesn’t make it easy to search for them. You’ll find a variety of styles and colors available, and like the other two companies I’ve mentioned, lenses are included in the price. You can get a pair of glasses from Lookmatic for $95.

Hopefully this gives you a few places to start looking. If none of these work, let us know and we’ll offer up a few more. Maybe some of our readers will share some of their favorite places to shop for glasses for big heads in the comments below.