GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Razor Review

The Gent: Testing the GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor

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The new GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor boasts luxury in its design, look, and experience. With its $170 price tag, does it live up to expectations? We decided to take this state-of-the-art product for a test drive.

GilletteLabs Bugatti Heated Razor
Photo: Bugatti/Gillette

The artistry of Bugatti in a razor

The Bugatti Edition is the same product as the Gillette Heated Razor, but for $20 more, it replaces the standard matte-black electronics with something that stands above the crowd. When the razor is on its charging base, the light around the power button tells you that it is charging. One charge lasts about six shaves, and the base’s compact size makes it easy to leave on the bathroom counter. The base, razor, and accessories display the glossy Bugatti logo and the Bugatti Blue color, confirming for the consumer that this is a high-end product.

Putting the GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor to the test

The Gillette Labs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor starter kit comes with two disposable blade heads, each containing five blades, making the shaving experience efficient and smooth. As it glides across your skin, the razor head swivels with the patented FlexDisc, following the contours of the chin and neck. We did not experience any nicks or cuts, even after using the product multiple times. Additional heated blades can be purchased through Gillette, The Art of Shaving, and other retailers.

A substitute for the hot towel shave?

With two temperature settings, the heated ion at the base of the razor blade heats up in only one second, and it gets hot! The highest setting reaches 120 degrees, which is only 20 degrees below the average heat of a hot towel at a barbershop. The heated element soothes the skin as it coasts across it, creating the steamy feeling a hot towel offers. While it’s not the same experience as a traditional hot towel shave, it does feel amazing.

We tried running a regular disposable razor blade under hot water to see if there was any comparison, and the Gillette Heated Razor lapped the competition. The razor is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower, but the heat from the shower dilutes the heat coming from the razor, so we recommend using it over the sink.

GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Razor
Photo: Gillette

Should you buy the GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Razor?

The GilletteLabs Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor delivers everything it promises, but is it worth the price? As the disposable blades contain the heating element, refills can be costly, ranging from a subscription service of 4 blades for $25, or a non-subscription order of 8 refills for $50, which is $6.25 per refill. While it’s not the most budget-friendly razor on the market, it is by far the best in innovation and appearance. If those factors are worth the investment to you, we don’t think you will be disappointed. Try it for yourself for $170 at The Art of Shaving.

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