Behind the Brand - George Richards Big & Tall HQ Visit

George Richards HQ Visit: Behind the Brand

In the last episode of Behind the Brand, we visited a Toronto-area George Richards store to see what the company offers big & tall guys. This week, we’re going to George Richards headquarters to meet company CEO Lance Itkoff and learn about its unique focus on big & tall clothing.

George Richards Big & Tall HQ Visit – Behind the Brand

Big & Tall from coast to coast

“We are the only nationwide coast-to-coast chain that exclusively services the big & tall customer,” says Itkoff. From St. John’s to Vancouver and everywhere in between, they’ve got Canada covered with stores spanning the country.

Focus on style

George Richards knows how difficult it is to find clothes you want to wear in the sizes you need. “[We start] from the position that the big & tall customer simply wants what everybody else wants,” Itkoff explains. “They want style-right, trend-appropriate merchandise that they see everywhere. If we’ve done our job right, we’ve got a store full of product that, if you didn’t know it was big & tall, you wouldn’t know it was big & tall.”

But don’t forget about fit

There’s no such thing as universal sizing. You can wear a 1X at one store and a 6X at another. How does George Richards ensure a perfect fit for their customers the first time? In their stores, says Itkoff, it’s all about the salespeople. “Educated sales staff who know the product, they know the fit. They know the nuances of each garment, and they will work with you to get the appropriate solution based on your size and the way you want to wear it.”

Prefer to shop online? They’ve got that covered too. “We then replicate it online with our Fit Quiz, [which is] a two-minute journey that will tell you exactly what the right size for you is based on what your desires are,” says Itkoff.

Getting what you want when you need it

Looking forward, Itkoff says the company’s goal is to get you whatever you need right when you need it. “The future of the big & tall business for us is ensuring that no matter where you are, what size you are, or what your preferences are, we can get it for you. Whether it’s in-store or we leverage it from all the other 50 stores across the country, we’re gonna get you what you want.”

Shop George Richards for yourself

You’ve heard from the CEO and seen the in-store experience, so it’s time to shop for yourself. Visit your local George Richards store or order from their website and have your purchase shipped anywhere in Canada.

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