Fortmens Big & Tall Clothing

Fortmens Launches Big & Tall Site With Sizes to 8XL

Good news in the middle of the pandemic: a new online big & tall retailer launched this week. UK based Fortmens offers a hand-picked selection of big men’s fashion with sizes ranging from 2XL to 8XL.

Fortmens big mens clothing

What Does Fortmens Have to Offer Big Guys?

Browse the Fortmens website and you’ll find a variety of big & tall shirts, tees, shorts, jeans, swimwear, and more. True to their word, the products are stylish and modern, with interesting prints and the contemporary fits bigger guys are always looking for (and rarely finding).

You’ll find brands like Replika Jeans, Campione, Casa Moda, and North 56°4, among others. Not familiar with those? There’s a reason for that, which you’ll learn below.

The site offers sizes and fit guides for each brand they carry, helping ensure you order clothes that fit you well the first time around.

Fortmens sweatshirts

Here’s How Fortmens is Different

Fortmens only carries European brands selected for their quality product, modern style, and fit. According to the company, the only clothing you’ll find on their website is specifically made with bigger bodies in mind. The site offers size and fit guides (note: UK and US sizing is different and this will help you get the right size) for each brand they carry, helping ensure you order clothes that fit you well the first time around.

“The brands we stock so far are all European brands that pride themselves on using premium quality fabrics and not just sizing-up patterns for regular garments, but really taking into consideration different body shapes,” says co-founder Katie Perkins.

Fortmens big & tall button down shirts

All of this is in line with their mission: “[to] inspire men of all sizes to look great and feel confident by setting a standard of excellence in big men’s fashion”.

The company plans to expand its offerings with shoes, accessories, and formalwear, as well as more sustainable big & tall options, a few of which are already available on the website.

The Team Behind it All

Fortmens founders Gareth and Katie Perkins have deep family roots in the fashion industry. 50 years ago, Gareth’s grandfather started what would eventually become the first big & tall menswear store in New Zealand. Gareth grew up in the store, helping bigger guys build out their wardrobe and find clothes that fit.

When it came to Fortmens, the pair noticed the gaps in the market for big men’s clothing and wanted to do something about it. From that, the new venture was born. According to Katie, inclusivity was a big reason for starting the company.

“We’re so passionate about inclusivity and wanted to create an online store that doesn’t just provide bigger guys with access to clothing, but offers a place to shop online that really focuses on style and fashion wear; it’s not just ‘hey, here’s something that fits’. We spent time hand-selecting every item we have to make sure it meets our standards of quality, fit and style.”

What About More Inclusive Models?

You can expect more inclusivity in models on the website as well. Like most of us, the COVID-19 outbreak caused Fortmens to have to cancel a shoot featuring a model with a different body type. They plan to reschedule the shoot when the pandemic has passed. The models currently featured on the site are 6’5 and wear XXL.

Shop Fortmens for yourself by visiting their website here, and follow them on Instagram at @fortmens or Facebook by clicking here.