Flag & Anthem big & tall review

Meet Flag & Anthem, Your New Favorite Big & Tall Brand

The world has opened up again, and after years of activewear, you’re ready to wear actual clothes again. Enter Flag & Anthem, the brand offering a modern take on the classic wardrobe essentials every big guy needs in his closet. The company recently launched a big & tall collection, offering sizes to 4XLB and 50 waist, and we were able to put it to the test. Read what we thought below.

Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Lakespur Flannel Shirt
Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Lakespur Flannel Shirt

What’s in the Flag & Anthem big & tall collection?

Flag & Anthem’s mission is to make premium quality clothing that fits well and won’t break the bank. The company’s founders have more than 20 years of experience making men’s clothing, which shows in every piece. Don’t let the classic, vintage vibe fool you – a lot of thought went into the construction and modern fits of the entire collection.

Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Sales and Deals

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You’ll find button-down shirts, tees, hoodies, great-looking henleys, and sweaters in the Flag & Anthem big & tall collection. Need something for the cold but not a sweater guy? Opt for one of their shirt jackets, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t forget to take a look at the brand’s shoe section. Their Edgemont boot, with its functional side zipper and wool upper, has become my go-to pair of boots for fall. It fits my wide foot perfectly and is available to size 15.

Edgemont Boot
Flag & Anthem Edgemont Boot

A focus on size and fit

When it comes to big & tall clothing, the fit needs to be perfect. Flag & Anthem took the time to get it right, ensuring that their clothes weren’t tight and constricting or too loose and billowy. They even considered shirt length because nobody likes it when they raise their arms, and their whole belly shows. Add in their stretch fabric when needed, and Flag & Anthem big & tall has the recipe for a great fit.

Whether you’re short and wide or tall and thick, they’ve got you covered with sizes available in XLB and XLT. Be sure to consult the Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Size Guide to get the best possible fit.

Peters Flannel Shirt
Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Peters Flannel Shirt

Quality you can afford

When Flag & Anthem’s founders started the brand, they wanted to create premium clothing that was made to last without a premium price tag, and that’s precisely what they did. You’ll find flannels and western shirts ranging from $59 – $79, a fleece-lined sweater for $89, and their most expensive big & tall piece, the Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket, for $129.

Flag & Anthem Big & Tall Collection
Don’t miss Flag & Anthem’s jacket selection

Try Flag & Anthem Big & Tall for yourself

After a few weeks of testing, we love the style, construction, and fit of the Flag & Anthem big & tall collection. Try their clothes for yourself at their website by clicking here.

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