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Finding Big & Tall Plaid Shirts, Slim Jeans, & More

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Finding Big and Tall Plaid Shirts

Honeystopthecar asked: Hey there! My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary on March 10th, and I wanted to surprise him with a brand new button up shirt for the occasion. Do you folks know of any good retailers that sell button up plaid shirts in a 4X? I figured I should come to you guys, before I hit Google.
Thanks for the question! Lately I’ve been partial to Duluth Trading Co, and their well-constructed shirts. A number of them are available to 4X, and some of those are plaid. They’re worth a look – for their shirts and everything else they have to offer.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit less workwear, and a bit more dress up – try Cutter and Buck or Ralph Lauren’s big and tall sport shirt section – both offering sizes to 6XB (or 6XL, if you need it).

Slim fit big and tall jeans

Tracking Down Affordable Big and Tall Slim Fit Jeans

Destruct0slinky asked: Speaking of jeans, do you know where I could find affordable slim-fit pairs of jeans online for bigger guys? (I wear a 40×30 if that helps)
I do indeed, my good man. Since affordable is subjective, I chose $75 or less as the budget and suggest the following in a 40 waist:

Hopefully this helps. If these aren’t what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll offer a few more options.

DIY Big and Tall Wedding Attire - Summer Edition

Big and Tall Wedding Attire

Marlee Lambert asked: Searching for wedding attire for a big and tall man and photos of ACTUAL big and tall men wearing the attire. Help?!
It just so happens that we can give you some good suggestions on big and tall wedding attire. Check out our Big and Tall Summer Wedding Attire article, or Dressing for a Wedding – both offer creative and interesting options from Men’s Wearhouse, Indochino, and more. I definitely recommend taking a look at Indochino for made to order custom clothing that fits.

For more in-depth info on all things related to plus size weddings, check out our friends at Pretty Pear Bride. They usually focus on the plus size bride, but they do feature articles that are all about the groom. PLUS – you’ll find the photos you’re looking for. Be sure to take a look!