Fat Trunk Big & Tall Jeans

Fat Trunk Big & Tall Jeans Introduces Black Denim

When Fat Trunk Jeans officially launched late last year, they told the world about their goal to make you feel sexy when you put on a pair of their big & tall jeans. The world responded with a resounding “hell yes” and bought up all of the company’s inventory. If you missed out, Fat Trunk big & tall jeans are back in stock with sizes 38-60 waist and a new black denim option.

Fat Trunk Jeans big tall denim

Hello, black denim

Everybody needs a good pair of black jeans, so adding this new wash to the Indigo Fat Trunk launched with made perfect sense. Made with a spandex, cotton, and lycra blend, the jeans are made to fit bigger, well, trunks comfortably. This mix of materials helps ensure that the jeans will age well while keeping their shape over time.

According to Fat Trunk co-founder, Will Perry, black denim is just the tip of the iceberg. “It has been a labor of love getting this business off the ground, and now that we have some momentum, we’re excited to release our black denim and new inseams for our indigo style. Expect more colors and styles coming soon”

Fat Trunk Plus Size Jeans

How to get the perfect fit

When ordering a pair of Fat Trunk big & tall jeans for yourself, note that they run true to size. Be sure to measure your waist (exactly you like to wear your jeans) and use that number as the size you order. If you measure your waist and get a 48, order a size 48. A 54 measurement would mean you need to order a size 54. Get it?

Also important to note – all waist sizes currently offer a 32 inseam. This means that if you’re shorter, you’ll want to cuff them or get them altered. We recommend alterations as you’ll have a great pair of jeans at the exact length you need. Fat Trunk plans to offer additional inseams in the future.

Fat Trunk Jeans Pattern

The Fat Trunk big & tall jeans pattern

Speaking of fit, Fat Trunk big & tall jeans were specifically created for people with bigger bodies. The jeans pattern is modeled on a size 54 and then sized up and down appropriately. Most jeans are made using a much smaller fit model and simply up-sized.

Get a pair of Fat Trunk jeans

Get yourself a pair of Fat Trunk Jeans in indigo or black, starting at $79 with sizes to 60 waist at their website.

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