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McTavish Oxfords by Allen Edmonds

Sturdy Shoes for Big Guys

Catherine asked: My boyfriend is a big guy (over 330lbs) and wears through his shoes rather quickly.  He’s needed a pair of Ecco slip-on dress shoes resewn and has now worn out one rubber sole much that it’s cracked. On a pair of Bostonian dress shoes he got from Nordstrom Rack, he pierced the rubber sole after only one or two wearings.  He doesn’t know what he could’ve stepped on to cause that.

I’d like to please know if you or your readers have any suggestions on reliable and comfortable shoe brands that stand up to the wear and tear of being a bigger guy.  His shoe size is 12. Also, does the sole’s material affect how quickly it’s worn down, such as rubber vs leather vs other man made material?
It’s not easy to find a pair of shoes that can stand up to a big guy’s girth for long periods of time. I’ve personally had a lot of luck with my McTavish Wingtip Oxfords from Allen Edmonds. My foot width is EEE, and these bad boys have held together through regular wear for over a year and man, they look good. They cost me $295, but this was an investment in a pair of shoes I’ll have for life. Read on to find out why.

If that’s more than your guy would want to spend, consider Stacy Adams for dress shoes, New Balance or Reebok sneakers or running shoes. Thinking about boots? We’ll cover that in a future article.

If your boyfriend’s shoes are falling apart, consider upgrading to shoes that can be repaired. In many cases, this means that the shoe itself will cost more, but if the sole wears out, you can take it somewhere local and get it repaired. These types of shoes usually stand up to everything a bit better than the low cost versions, so chances are they’ll last longer without requiring repairs. For example, my McTavish oxfords can be easily repaired – that’s why they were worth the cost.

Meeting with Nordstrom's Personal Stylist

How Much Does a Nordstrom Personal Stylist Cost?

Denizen asked: Hello, I was checking how much the whole Nordstom personal stylist visit cost?
The the stylist I met with was free! They make their money by getting you to buy clothes from the store. Just head in with an idea of what you want (new looks for work, a date outfit, a whole new wardrobe, etc) and they’ll get you set up. Read about my experience with a Nordstrom Personal Stylist.

UnderArmour Compression Shirt

Big and Tall Compression Shirts

A Corpulent Man asked: Hello, I am looking for a compression shirt made for a big man. I want support, comfort, and shaping. I would love a compression shirt that would enhance my shape, and show it off in the comfort of compression. Does anyone out there do this yet? If not why not? Compression fit is comfortable, and there are big men like me who like to show off their big bellies. Thank you.
There are a few brands offering big and tall compression shirts. They’re generally difficult to find. Brands such as Under Armour offer compression shirts in 3X, 4X, and when they’re in stock, 5X. Our friends at Destination XL offer the RIPT Fusion V-Neck Undershirt to 5X for about $65. is worth a look as well – they offer a variety of sizes and a ton of compression shirts for different needs.

When I’ve researched this in the past, some of the brands I’ve reached out to have told me that they don’t see a lot of demand for compression shirts in larger sizes. Other brands have told me that they don’t think compression shirts work above a certain size. Their loss, eh? Hopefully these suggestions help.

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