Fabletics Big & Tall Review

Fabletics Big & Tall Review: Is it Worth it for Plus Size Men?

Earlier this year, activewear brand Fabletics launched their men’s big & tall collection, with sizes to 4XL. We decided to put the tees, shorts, and polos in the collection to the test. In our Fabletics big & tall review, you’ll see how the clothes fit a big guy and whether it’s worth a try.

Fabletics men's plus size review

Here’s what we tested

We reviewed the Fabletics big & tall 24/7 Tee, the Fabletics big & tall Fundamental Short II, and the 24/7 Polo. At the time we placed the order, the company had not yet released its fall collection, which is available now. This brings some great looking hoodies and pants into the mix, all with sizes to 4XL.

Since my personal preference when working out in activewear is shorts and tees, that’s what we opted for. I overheat quickly, so shorts and moisture-wicking fabrics are a must. My wife Shanna did her own review, trying out some Fabletics women’s plus size activewear along with me.

Fabletics big & tall review activewear

How does Fabletics big & tall fit?

We all know that sizing isn’t universal – every brand’s size chart is different. Because of this, I ordered both 2XL and 3XL to get a better feel for fit. It turns out that both fit me. If you prefer your activewear a little more form-fitting, go with the smaller size. If you want a roomier option, go for the next size up.

I found that the 3XL hung off me a little more, which is great for guys with bigger bellies or broader chests and shoulders who want that extra room. Thankfully, the shorts came with a very long drawstring because they were too loose on me to do much running. If you’re a runner, I’d go down a size.

The black Fabletics big & tall 24/7 tee in 2X was tighter to my body, but not in an uncomfortable way. I preferred that fit, especially as I jogged around the track (and later when I wore it on the treadmill. The modern fits and cuts of everything I tried in the collection helped ensure that all the clothes looked good, even the more roomy.

Big & tall hoodies for fall

Is Fabletics gear good for working out?

I spent a week reviewing Fabletics big & tall by wearing the clothes out on runs and even on a few bike rides. When running, the smaller sizes I tested worked well. They didn’t get in my way or become uncomfortable at any point in my workout. I wore the bigger sizes on my bike rides, and they stayed in place and kept me covered (which can be an issue for a big guy bent over a bike). I would recommend Fabletics men’s plus size clothing for working out.

It’s also a good model for bigger bodies, because you get to choose how the clothes fit, which doesn’t happen that often.”

Fabletics Big & Tall Pricing and VIP Program

In our previous article, we explained Fabletics’ unique pricing structure. Everything is significantly cheaper if you join their VIP program. You get monthly credits and discounts on clothes when you join, like 70% off everything or two items for $24. The VIP program has a monthly fee, but you can skip any month without being charged. You can also cancel at any time. Want more clothes in the future? Activate VIP again and buy what you need.

You will save a TON of money if you get those VIP deals. It is absolutely worth it to join if you’re going to buy anything from Fabletics.

Fabletics offers women’s plus size options too

Fabletics Women’s Plus

I asked Shanna what she thought about the Fabletics women’s plus size activewear, and this is what she told me. “I thought the quality was good. As far as the sizing goes, it’s flexible. I’m usually a women’s size 12, so I could have gone with the large, which is a 10, or the extra large, which is a 12-14. I wish I had tried the large so I could compare because I like a lot of compression in my workout gear. If you go in with the idea of trying multiple sizes to find the size that fits, then you’d be really happy. It’s also a good model for bigger bodies, because you get to choose how the clothes fit, which doesn’t happen that often.”

“They had a lot of really fun patterns that you don’t see in bigger sizes from many places. They have some good options if you like to play around with fashion with your activewear. I thought they had a big range of sizing, not just for bigger bodies but also for taller and shorter people,” Shanna continued.

Fabletics big & tall review shorts

Fabletics Big & Tall Review: Our Verdict

There aren’t many places making higher-end activewear for big guys. Fabletics big & tall lets you choose how you want your clothes to fit while offering stylish options we don’t often get. The shorts and shirts we tested stand up to different workouts without causing frustration. If you join their VIP program, you’ll get huge discounts on everything you buy, saving you up to 70% or 80% in some cases.

Should you buy Fabletics big & tall? We think so. The sizes, styles, and VIP pricing make the collection worth a try. Shop everything in the Fabletics big & tall collection here.

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