Denim Therapy is the Fountain of Youth for Your Favorite Ratty Jeans

We love our jeans. If you’re anything like me, you own a couple pairs of jeans that you basically live in. You wear them when you run errands, and when you go out for the night. Depending on how the evening goes, you might even wake up in a drunken haze with your trusty jeans still on. The point is, we love our jeans.

That love makes things difficult when our jeans are destroyed beyond repair. We’ve all experienced a broken zipper, a worn hem, or the dreaded crotch blowout. When those things have happened in the past, we’ve had to  try to repair the jeans ourselves (which isn’t pretty), or throw them out completely. When you pay a lot of money for a piece of clothing, it can be hard to let it go. That’s where Denim Therapy comes in.

Based in New York’s Garment District, Denim Therapy’s goal is to fix any hole, hem, or broken denim regardless of damage severity. Their website says that they care for your denim like it was their own. You don’t have to live in NYC to use Denim Therapy; you simply send them the denim in question and they take care of the rest.

Why send your jeans to DT instead of your local tailor? Denim Therapy specializes in making your jeans as good as new, no matter what kind of damage you’ve rained down upon them. The estimated denim repair cost is $7/inch, which isn’t bad if you’re repairing your favorite pair of expensive jeans. Once you send them your denim (at an average shipping cost of $12, according to the site), they’ll provide you with an estimate and start work when you give your approval.

Denim Therapy also offers services you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to reparing your denim, they can dye your jeans, turn them into maternity jeans, and resize them if they’re a bit too large for you. Prices vary depending on what service you need, but consider Denim Therapy when you need your jeans altered in a way that your local tailor probably can’t handle.

Featured photo by rutthenut. Article photo by Alex012

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