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Couple’s Review: Good Counsel Big & Tall Unboxing and Try-On

Finding clothes is a pain. There’s no shame in getting a little help, which is why many gents rely on their partners to find them things to wear. And really, who knows you better? We chatted with Beth and Garrett, a Portland-based couple who know how hard it can be for bigger guys to find clothes with style in their size. Watch the video above for the full conversation.

While we discussed the trials and tribulations of clothes shopping, we also teamed up with our friends at Good Counsel to get Garrett a big & tall clothing box filled with new goodies just for him. See why we say Good Counsel is a game changer for big guys, offering sizes M – 7X.

Do you like shopping for clothes?

Garrett: I hate finding clothes [laughs]. I don’t like going to stores, especially in a pandemic. When I find something in stores, it never fits. There’s a lot of returning stuff and it’s just a big pain, and I just tend to not buy clothes.

Beth: It can be frustrating because I want to help him out. I tend to be a little more active in plus size fashion stuff online. I’ll hear about something online and either I’ll order some stuff or send him a link, and it’s this process where you get it and you don’t have any idea what it’s going to look like or how it’s going to fit. It’s really frustrating.

The problem is, the options that are out there, there are a lot of them but they’re not things you’re really excited about.

Is it hard to find clothes in your style?

Garrett: I tend to find it overwhelming. It’s a lot of choice and I’m not the most stylish person, so I just generally wear t-shirts. I’d like to wear nicer stuff, but it’s just [overwhelming].

Beth: I’d like to interject real quick because you say you’re not stylish but you have a pretty clear style. The problem is, the options that are out there, there are a lot of them, but they’re not things you’re really excited about. You get something and it fits and you’re like “ok, it fits – I guess I’ll just wear this then.”

Garrett: True

Beth: And it’s not the things you would pick if you had the same options as smaller bodied people.

Are you like a lot of bigger guys in that when you find something, you’ll hold onto it for dear life and wear it until it basically falls apart?

Garrett: I definitely will wear the same thing over and over if it fits well.

Good Counsel plus size men's clothing

Do you think having a personal stylist would help?

Garrett: Yes, having someone who knows what would fit me and knows what I like is exactly what I need.

Try Good Counsel for yourself by taking the style quiz at their website. Every box their personal stylists send out is customized to your specific needs and tastes. Click here to learn more and see what they have for big guys.

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