Thorn & Co. Big & Tall

Combat Gent Expands Into Big and Tall With Thorn & Co. Line

It’s a good thing when an established brand makes a thoughtful expansion into big & tall. That’s exactly what Combatant Gentlemen, maker of high quality, affordable menswear is doing with their new extended size collection, Thorn & Co. The company designed the suits and shirts in the collection from scratch, specifically for bigger bodies, with special attention to fit and style. The cherry on top? Suits cost only $280 and shirts start at $55. Plus, the sizes are solid, with shirts available to 4X / 22 neck and suits to 62 for the jacket and 56 for the suit pants.

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It’s About Fit and Style

Most brands making big and tall clothing still aren’t thinking about style or a more modern and comfortable fit. The design team behind Thorn & Co. understood these pain points for bigger customers and addressed them head-on. Having a big guy on the team helped ensure they got it right the first time. Thorn & Co. suits feature lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the wearer cool and comfortable regardless of the season. The shirts are wrinkle-resistant so you still look put together after extended wear.

Thorn & Co. Won’t Drain Your Wallet

The people at Combatant Gentlemen know that a lot of big and tall clothing on the market is expensive. They made the Thorn & Co collection in line with their overall mission: to make affordable and high quality menswear for your everyday and once in a lifetime moments. They keep costs low by building and designing in-house from the ground up. It’s difficult to find stylish clothes that fit at an affordable price point, but now you’ve got a new resource in Thorn & Co.

Thorn & Co. Big & Tall Suits
Thorn & Co. Charcoal Nanotech Suit

Let’s Look at Thorn & Co. Big and Tall Suits

Suiting can be tricky, but Thorn & Co. got their big and tall suits just right. The fit isn’t boxy, and the jackets boast a modern silhouette that doesn’t sacrifice range of motion. Because of the 70% wool, 27% poly, and 3% spandex mix, you can move in these suits and they still look good. Built in 4-way stretch means the jacket works with your body, not against it, so it will be as comfortable in that 6th hour of wear as it was in the first.

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Thorn & Co. suit pants are constructed with the same fabric as the jacket and offer more room in the seat and thighs, which is vital for most big and tall men. A slight taper offers the more modern look that we don’t always see in dress pants in extended sizes.

Big & Tall Shirts That Fit Like They Should

The design team put as much effort into constructing the Thorn & Co. big and tall shirts as they did the suits. The patterns are subtle and classic, using stretch fabric to better accommodate different body types. Since they know the kind of wear and tear we can put on a garment, they reinforced the buttons and seams on all their shirts, and double buttoned the barrel cuffs on long-sleeve shirts. Add in the moisture wicking and wrinkle resistance and you’ve got a shirt that’s hard to beat.

I like that some of Thorn & Co.’s shirt patterns will fit in as well at the office as they do when you’re hanging out with friends over the weekend. This versatility is at the core of Combatant Gentlemen, and they have carried it over into the Thorn & Co. collection. If you’re going to spend your money on clothes, you want them to work in a variety of situations. These do.

Thorn & Co. Big & Tall Short Sleeve Shirt

So, How Did Thorn & Co. Fit Me?

As far as sizing, I usually wear a 2X or 3X, in casual button-downs, depending on the brand. I found Thorn & Co.’s 3X to fit me best. The dress shirt I tried was true to size, with their size 19 fitting my neck perfectly. It also fit well in the stomach, chest and shoulders. Dress shirts aren’t usually my favorite thing to wear, but this is a shirt I feel like I would come back to regularly. I’d recommend using their fit guide to ensure you get the right size the first time around.

If you end up with a shirt that doesn’t fit, Combatant Gentlemen offers free returns and full refunds, for any reason, on all ready-to-wear products. Just make sure your product is in its original condition and ship it back within 30 days of delivery and you’re golden.

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