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Answerland: Clothes for Short and Wide Guys

Comedian Ryan LumasWe’re answering your questions about style, where to shop and more in this edition of Answerland. Need answers? Click here to send us your questions.

Brandon asked: First off I would just like to thank you for starting this site! I’d always considered myself to be a fairly stylish guy until the last few years when I packed on the pounds and found myself unable to get clothes that were both stylish and fit me. Until I found your site I had kinda given up and was regulated to a uniform of ill-fitting polo shirts and Dockers. Your site has given me the motivation I needed to actually make an effort again.

So on to my question. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or resources for guys that are just big and not tall. I’m only 5’11 but I wear an XXL shirt. Whenever I find something that fits well it is almost always too long.

Thanks for reading Chubstr! We’re glad you’re finding the resources here useful.  On to your question – I’m about the same height, so I feel your pain. When you find something that fits your width, it’s too long. If you find something that’s long enough, it doesn’t fit you the way you want it to. You can always go the custom made route if you want to spend the time (and money, in some cases) to get your measurements and specify exactly how you want your clothing to look. If that’s not the way you want to go, try Duluth Trading Company, Orvis, Gap, and Ralph Lauren. Those all work well for me, and again, I’m short and wide.

If you want more variety, check out Nordstrom (sizes to 6X) and Macy’s (5Xish). Maybe some of our other short and wide readers will give you their suggestions in the comments.

Rep from Australia

Jahmilah6 asked: hey i love your blog. i was wondering if you could help me out. Im trying to get my boyfriend to try new things fashion wise and hes really up for it but its hard because he has trouble finding things in his size. Where are some places i can shop for him thats not too expensive but still trendy.

Thanks for checking out the site! What size does your boyfriend wear? You can tell us via Tumblr or the contact form here at the site. Check out the question above for a few suggestions. See also:

If you need more information, let us know and we’ll be happy to help out!

House of Halls Denim Selection

Atrete asked: Hey, any idea what happened to House of Halls? I have been trying to purchase a pair of jeans from them, but no response from them.

Sadly, it seems that House of Halls has been shuttered. We tried to reach out to them to get an update, but like you – we got no response. Though the site is still live, nothing has been updated in quite a long time.