Answerland: Clothes For Plus Size Trans Guys

Saint Harridan - Clothes for Plus Size Trans Guys
Courtesy Saint Harridan

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Clothes for Plus Size Trans Guys

Michael-alive asks: I’m a Transgender guy and I haven’t done any hormone replacement so I have a pretty feminine figure (wide hips and a round bum) and I was wondering if you can give any advice on finding/altering pants to fit my figure well? Thanks!

Answerland: Clothes for Trans Men

Saint Harridan is an Oakland-based company that was started for people just like you. On November 26, 2012, Saint Harridan launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the capital it needed to get its business up and going. The seed money was used to make traditional two-piece suits – but with a twist: The suits are made to fit female-born bodies in both full and slim sizes.

Dapper Boi Jeans
Courtesy of Dapper Boi

Dapper Boi got its start making androgynous jeans to fit curvy transmen. This is another company that got its start thanks to Kickstarter, and the jeans they make look really sharp.

Androgyny has a nice collection of shirts that have been designed fit the curvy fellow or the woman who prefers “button-ups to pencil skirts.” Best of all, these shirts are made in small batches right in San Francisco, so you’ll be supporting a local, made-in-America business which is never a bad thing.

Made to Order Jeans
Made to Order Jeans (and for that matter, all custom clothing shops) does exactly what the name of the company implies – they make jeans to order. This India-based company, though not started specifically with the transman in mind, will make jeans to your specifications. They offer a wide variety of denim and corduroy from which to choose and you get to customize pretty much every aspect of the jeans. Since this company is waaaay off shore, these custom-made jeans can be had for as little as 49 bucks! – In addition to being a resource for trans-news, reviews, fitness and health, Transguys has some interesting accessories to finish off your look. They feature a selection of packing underpants, chest binders, and, if you are looking for THE unique male experience, they also carry stand-to-pee packers.