Chubstr’s Guide to Buying a Summer Suit

Of all the great things that people look forward to each summer, sweating in a suit isn’t one of them. Some people might just skip suits during the summer in an attempt to stay cool, but for those that can’t – or those who choose to look dapper year round – here are some tips when it comes to buying your summer suit.


You definitely want your suit to breathe instead of trapping in the summer heat.  Linen, cotton, natural fibers, and lightweight worsted wools (and blends of these fabrics) will keep you cooler than heavy wool or nylon and polyester blends. Keep in mind that although linen is a perfect summer fabric, it wrinkles easily. It makes a great casual suit, but won’t look good on formal occasions.

Blue & White Seersucker

A daring fabric option is the seersucker suit. Seersucker is a checkered or striped thin fabric made from cotton, and was specifically created in Britain for warmer weather. This fabric is woven specifically to bunch together in places, causing it to be held away from the skin and create a cooling effect by improving air circulation over the skin. Although seersucker isn’t for everyone, a suit or blazer in this fabric can make a great addition to your summer wardrobe.


The color of a suit can make a huge difference when it comes to staying cool.  Everyone knows that white and light colors reflect heat, and dark colors absorb it. Try choosing lighter colors during the day to stay cool when in the sun. Of course, a lighter colored suit won’t just make you sweat less – it also looks more appropriate during the summer.


A lot of brands offer jackets without lining or with minimal lining. Obviously, the less layers your jacket has, the cooler you’ll be. The lining of a jacket is usually made of synthetic materials that trap in heat, so it’s good to keep an eye out for summer suits without that extra layer of lining.

Where to Shop

There are quite a few places you can find suits in your size and price range. Here are two of our favorites:


Custom Made Three Piece Men Suits, Free shipping.Indochino Apparel offers custom men’s suits in the latest styles. You submit your measurements and customize the suit to your specifications, then you receive your suit within 2 weeks. Indochino has a 100% perfect fit promise; if your suit is anything less than perfect, you can take it to your tailor and have it adjusted on them, up to $75. Take a look at their range of summer suits that can keep you cool while still looking dapper.






Paul Fredrick men’s clothing offers a variety of big and tall suits to choose from. While you don’t get the same sort of customization options that a company like Indochino offers, PF does a great job of creating suits that look good and fit well. With sizes to 58L, you’ll probably be able to find something in your size and style.







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