ChafeZone for ChubRub

ChafeZone: The Only Thing You Need to Stop Summer Chafing

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Summer isn’t always the big guy’s best friend. High temperatures, humidity, and hot sun combine to make spending a day outside rather uncomfortable. Today, we’re going to cover something we get a ton of questions from Chubstr readers about: how to avoid heat rash and chafing.

ChafeZone for ChubRub

Putting ChafeZone for ChubRub to the test

Look, heat rash can be an issue for people of any size, but bigger guys tend to have more parts that rub together. This can mean that you end up with gnarly love handle, thigh, chest, armpit, or back rashes that don’t always go away so easily. Luckily, there’s a product out there that helps fight heat rash, called ChafeZone for ChubRub.

How Does ChafeZone Prevent Chub Rub?

Applying ChafeZone for ChubRub

Apply ChafeZone to areas that are prone to Chafing

ChafeZone helps prevent chafing caused by friction. Just apply the anti-chafe balm stick to whatever areas are prone to heat rash before you head out for the day, and you’re good to go. It acts as a lubricant that provides an anti-friction barrier. Once it’s applied, you can’t see it, and the smell is so light, you won’t even notice you put it on.

Use ChafeZone before a workout

ChafeZone keeps you from dealing with chub rub

Whether you’re heading to the gym or to the beach, take ChafeZone with you and apply it when you need it. Since the product was created by sports medicine pros, people who deal with problems like this on a regular basis, you know it’s going to work.

Putting it to the Test

The first time I tried ChafeZone was during a workout. I applied it to my underarms, chest and thighs. I noticed a clean, slightly medicinal smell that went away as soon as I put my clothes on. After an hour of repetitive motion, there was no problem – it got the job done.

I tried it a second time while spending the day doing yard work, and it worked like a charm. I applied it to my thighs and my underarms, and got down to business. 5 hours of mowing, shearing, and mulching later, and I was chafe free. I was worried that it would make me over lubricated, but that wasn’t an issue. The balm offers just enough lubrication to keep you from getting friction without being too much.

Try ChafeZone for Yourself

The verdict: ChafeZone helps fight chafing

Try it for yourself

Pack up your creams and special clothing you’ve been using to fight chub rub, and give ChafeZone a try. It’s mess free, easy to apply, and long lasting – perfect for summer. Between using this product and wearing moisture-wicking clothing, you’ll be good to go. Get the .5 oz stick for $8.99 or the 1.5oz stick for $13.99 at

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