Bonobos: Behind the Brand Part 2

Bonobos: Behind the Brand Part 2

In Part 2 of Bonobos: Behind the Brand, we head to the company’s 5th Avenue Guideshop in New York City to meet up with actor Josh Lamon, who needs a new look from their extended size line for the opening of his upcoming Broadway musical, The Prom.

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Bonobos Extended Sizes Available in Stores
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Bonobos Carries Extended Sizes in Stores

Did you know you can actually go to one of Bonobos 50+ Guideshop locations to try on clothes from the extended size line? Most retailers selling clothing for bigger guys only offer them online. Being able to walk into a shop and find shirts and pants that actually fit is still pretty rare. EXCLUSIVE: See our favorite picks from Bonobos’ Extended Size Line in this photo shoot

The shops offer a uniquely singular purpose – they introduce you to clothes that fit. You won’t actually leave that day with the clothes you try on; a Guide (that’s what Bonobos calls their stylists who work in their shops) will place your order and it’ll be shipped to your home.

Bonobos: Behind the Brand Part 2

Stress Free Shopping for Plus Size People

When Bonobos began laying the groundwork for extended sizes, they heard a lot of stories from bigger people about their stressful and humiliating shopping experiences. The company listened to those stories and took them to heart, training and educating their Guides on working with this new customer. You can see this in action in the video above as Mike helps Josh find the perfect looks for his event. Bonobos wants all of their customers to feel good about the experience, from meeting with a guide to putting on the clothes, and it shows throughout the entire process.

Bonobos 5th Avenue Guideshop

Shop Bonobos Extended Sizes for Yourself

Now you know everything there is to know about the Bonobos extended size line. From the thought and effort that was put into getting the perfect fit for bigger bodies to the in-store Guideshop experience, there’s a new option for big & tall guys looking for menswear with style that actually fits.

Click here to shop the Bonobos extended size line yourself, and check their website to find the Guideshop nearest you.

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