Bonobos Behind the Brand Part 1

Bonobos: Behind the Brand Part 1

Our new series, Behind the Brand takes a closer look at the companies making clothes with bigger bodies in mind. In this episode, we head to New York City to learn about the new Bonobos Extended Size Line, featuring tops to 4XL and bottoms to 54 waist.

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Bonobos Extended Sizes Focused on Fit

Many companies making big & tall clothing are simply sizing things up from a much smaller model. Bonobos put a specific focus on fit to ensure that their new line actually worked with bigger bodies. The company started from scratch, talking to and shopping with big men to learn what was good (and not so good) about the real world shopping experience.

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Bonobos also talked to these guys about fit. What worked, what didn’t and what they want to see more of. These conversations helped ensure that the extended size line addressed some of the everyday issues big guys have with their clothes. From larger buttons and pants pockets to collars that don’t strangle big necks, they put a lot of thought into details.

Bonobos Design Team

The Bonobos Team Talks Extended Sizes

In this episode, I meet with Bonobos CEO Micky Onvural, who gives us insight into the history of the company. Then, I talk to Senior Director of Merchandizing, Kate Fulk, who tells us why Bonobos decided to offer extended sizes. From there, V.P. of Technical Design and Quality, Oliver Theiss-Helden gives us a designer’s insight into the actual creation of the line.

Bonobos Extended Size Pants

Here’s Why Bonobos Extended Sizes are So Good

After the conversations above, I meet with two designers that created the clothes in the extended size line. We take a closer look at pants, shirts and more to see how they are unique. You’ll see the hidden elastic waistband, the two-piece sleeve and more. See their current selection of extended size products here.

Josh Lamon Bonobos Extended Sizes

Next Week: We Put a Big Guy in Bonobos Extended Sizes

Check back Thursday, November 1st for part 2, where we’ll head to a Bonobos Guideshop to outfit a Josh, a New York based actor in new looks from the extended size line. Subscribe to our YouTube channels to find out about all of our latest videos and upcoming series!

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