The Big Men’s Winter Wear Series: Hats

When the temperature is below freezing, keeping your fresh hair cut in check really shouldn’t be your #1 concern. Science tells us that about 10% of our body heat is lost through our heads. While that might not seem like much, it’s almost 10 degrees. That’s reason enough to say “screw my hair,” and throw on a hat to keep your head and ears warm. A baseball cap isn’t your style? Consider the hats below when you need to warm your noggin.

Hats for hot summer days

The Wool Cap

This type of hat is the ultimate way to keep warm without totally forgetting style. When shopping for a wool cap, make sure to select one that’s mostly wool. Anything with more polyester or nylon than wool will make your dome sweaty even on the coldest of days. The Ear Flap Baseball Cap by Wigins is 100% wool and has a traditional ball cap fit, but keeps you much warmer. Need to keep your ears warm too? Pull down the ear flaps for maximum warmth.

trapper hat

The Trapper Hat

Trapper Hat

It doesn’t get warmer than this guy. Your head; totally covered. Ears; also totally covered. Body warmth; absolutely optimal. This hat is designed to be worn only when really cold, like below freezing cold. Wear it above freezing and you’ll look like Grandpa coming back north from Florida after his blood has thinned all winter in the tropical climate. Try this option from Ben Sherman. It’s 50% wool, 50% polyester, and should keep you warm without overheating. If you’re looking to make a statement, try this full on Maverick hat from Woolrich. It’s leather and rabbit fur; people will think you just valeted your plane.

James and his beanie

James and his beanie

The Beanie

In recent years, Beanies have gotten a bad rap. As a kid you remember wearing them with a pom-pom on the top and as an adult, we might think of a more unsavory character wearing them in a Ben Affleck movie. The ones we’re talking about fit tight to your head, cover your ears, and don’t make you look scary. Our buddies over at Goorin Bros have a slew of beanies that range from cable knit wool to less expensive, acrylic beanies. Our recommendation is this Diamond Peak beanie. It’s got a cool finish in 3 colors, a cuffed bottom, and it’s made from 100% super soft Merino wool.

What kind of hat do you wear when the temperature drops? Tell us in the comments below, and check out last week’s Winter Guide to Gloves.

Featured photo by 4BlueEyes

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