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The Chubstr Big Men’s Winter Wear Series: Gloves

Big and tall winter wear: gloves

You’re reading the first installment of Chubstr’s month long Big Men’s Winter Wear Series, putting a spotlight on stylish winter clothes in extended sizes. We’re covering everything from head to toe, with gloves kicking things off. Read more below.

There’s no getting around it. In most parts of the country it’s getting cold, and quickly. Gloves are necessary when cold weather hits, both for function and looks. We’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the glove selection to 3 variations that are perfect for any occasion.

The Knit Glove.
A casual Variation of our cold weather friend.


When you mention knit gloves, sometimes the image of a big bulky glove with a snowflake comes to mind (you know, the ones with the matching hat?). Here we’re talking about a finer gauge wool that’s soft, looks good and yes, is warm. This awesome pair from J.Crew give the look of casual knit wool and feature built-in “smart phone functionality” without the weird silver tipped finger. Perfect for when the urge to Instagram a snowflake hits. Pair this glove with a barn coat, quilted jacket, or peacoat.

The Ski Glove.
Warm. Dry. Ready to Go.

Columbia Gloves

Let it be known that the Ski Glove should only be worn for, well, skiing and any winter outdoor activity like sledding, snowmobiling, or dreaded snow shoveling. A few qualities to look are breathability, warmth and the ability to repel water. A steadfast go-to are the Columbia Whirlibird Gloves. They tick all of the above-mentioned boxes while retaining a rather slim fit for a ski glove. An added bonus is the cuff and elastic that fits over your sleeve. Remember, these gloves should only be worn with a parka, squall coat, or ski jacket.

The Leather Glove.
Classic and Sophisticated.

Coach Gloves

Your Dad has been doing it right all these years. A good pair of black leather gloves is your trump card. They can pull together a look perfectly when wearing an overcoat, car coat or wool trench. Leather gloves should be considered an investment piece; this isn’t time something you should try to buy cheap. Coach, who makes some of the finest leather around, has a wide variety of winter gloves. Their classic Basic Nappa Gloves, in Black or Fawn, are cashmere lined and sophisticated without being stuffy. Truly a piece that will be in style for years to come.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few winter glove buying tips:

  • Try on different sizes to ensure the proper fit. Gloves that are too big will be frustrating and bulky.
  • Stick with natural fibers and materials to keep hands warm but not sweaty.
  • Make sure to keep leather gloves dry and condition the leather before and after each season.

Which type of winter glove works best for you? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Featured photo of man and dog by Logantech on flickr.