Big & Tall Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo: Shanna Sturgell

Need a Big & Tall Halloween Costume? We’ve Got a Few Ideas in Your Size

It’s almost Halloween, which means awesome spooky music, fun parties and of course, costumes. What’s that? You don’t have one yet? Well, finding a costume that fits bigger bodies isn’t always easy. Our list of some of the best big & tall Halloween costume ideas should make it easier for you to find something that fits. Get some inspiration and find out where to shop below.

Big & Tall Pirate Costume
Aaarrr, Mateys!

Where to Shop for Big & Tall Halloween Costumes

If you don’t need inspiration and want to browse on your own, here are the places we had the best luck finding big & tall costumes. A lot of retailers who claim to sell plus size Halloween costumes only sell one or two in extended sizes. Our list focuses on the retailers who put thought into size options and costume variety.

Plus Size werewolf costume
Photo: – Sizes to 8X: This website has, by far, the widest variety of big & tall Halloween costumes we found. A few quick searches show us 84 different costumes in 7X and hundreds in sizes 1X – 6X. If you want options, this is the place to start. Note: Be sure to refer to the size chart for any costume you’re planning to purchase. Some costume sizes only show “Plus,” even after you’ve chosen your specific size in the sidebar. We reached out to the company they tell us that the site is still showing you costumes in the size you’ve chosen. Still, be be safe, use the size chart.

Big & Tall Vampire Costume at Amazon

Amazon – Sizes to 5X: You can find just about anything at Amazon, including big & tall Halloween costumes. You won’t find as wide a range of sizes as the first option on our list, but the variety of costumes here is vast, especially if you’re interested in DIYing your own look. Plus, with Amazon Prime, you can get what you need quickly. Note: There are a lot of categories that costumes can fall into at Amazon, so be sure to search the site in different ways to find what you need.

Halloween Express Plus Size Men's Medival Knight Costume
Photo: Halloween Express

Halloween Express – Sizes to 5X / 60: If you need more options, this is the place to look. Halloween Express has costumes that the other places don’t have, so if you’ve spent hours looking at the first two options in our list, you’ll find some new and different things here.

Plus Size Guy Fieri Costume
Bruce Fieri

Big & Tall Halloween Costume Ideas

Now you know where to shop, but what are you going to choose? Here are a few suggestions:

Fat Thor Big & Tall Costume
Fat Thor Big & Tall Costume

What are you going to be for Halloween? Tell us what you’re dressing up as and share your tips in the comments or tag us on social @chubstr!