Best Kept Secrets: Keeping Your Stomach Covered

Best Kept Secrets - Keeping Your Stomach Covered

Being a man of size carries all kinds of fashion challenges, and we’ve seen them all. Our new Best Kept Secrets feature gives you everything you need to beat these challenges. This is our series of quick tips and resources to help you make the most of your clothing and accessories, especially when they’re not always made for big bodies. For today’s tip, we’re busting bad belly habits, and introducing better ones to help ensure you’re keeping your stomach covered.


Should You Wear Your Pants at Your Waistline or Below Your Stomach?

Where does your gut go? A lot of us face this struggle, and the choices you make affect everything from your pants size to your overall look each day.

I personally recommend keeping your gut out of your pants. We’re all familiar with the look it creates- not cute. I also dislike this method of managing the midsection because it forces you to buy pants in a bigger waist size, causing much more unnecessary bagginess.

Still then, you risk the chance of some belly peeking out. Also not cute. How many of your favorite shirts have you tugged at incessantly trying to keep your waistline covered? There’s no reason to fuss over your hems all day, we have a solution.

The right undershirt is important

The Right Undershirt Can Do the Trick

The silver bullet to the paunch problem? Undershirts! Invest in some high quality white and black undershirts to wear under polos, button-ups, etc. The undershirt will help so much in making your overall look so much more put-together.

I love undershirts even under another t-shirt. You can wear a thinner undershirt tucked in, under another shirt that isn’t, so if you have problems with one of your favorite shirts riding up, voila! You’re keeping your stomach covered.

Go for shirts with longer shirttails
You can’t tell, but the shirt Bruce is wearing has long shirttails

Opt for Longer Shirttails

If you shop big and tall stores, you’ve probably seen shirts in your size that come to your knees. These shirts have much longer shirttails than normal, and when tucked in, definitely won’t come untucked. Not to worry, these shirts don’t look any different than what you’re used to wearing, now you just won’t have to worry about anything hanging out when you move around too much.

Don't wear pants with ill-fitting underwear
It’s the only other option we can think of.

Consider Extreme Tucking

Extra super-secret tip from the hardworking research team here at Chubstr: tuck the undershirt… in to your underwear. No joke, guys. Tucking the t-shirt in your underpants keeps it smooth and in place. The outer layer looks better too.

Just take it from our own Kenneth Fish, who describes the effect of this secret succinctly, “It is the magic.”

Do you have any secrets to keeping your stomach covered? Tell us about them in the comments.

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