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For many of us, the mere idea of big & tall summer shorts conjures images of big cargo pockets and baggy workout gear. Luckily, the plus size men’s short has come a long way. Now it’s easier to find modern fits, patterns and fabrics in extended sizes. Below you’ll find the latest trends, a few tips and some of the brands that are getting it right this summer.

Big & Tall Summer Shorts Trends

First thing’s first: don’t fear a shorter, more form-fitting short. Most of what you’ll see this summer will feature a slimmer leg opening that ends above the knee. Slimmer doesn’t have to mean more constrictive, as a lot of shorts (especially big & tall shorts) are made with stretch fabric, allowing for better fit and more range of movement.

Shorts for summer

Types of Summer Shorts

This summer’s short options are generally a bit more put together, meaning if prep style is your thing, you’ll be in paradise. Don’t worry, if that’s too upscale for your bohemian tastes, we found a few things for you as well.

Big & Tall Chino Shorts

The big & tall summer chino is leaning hard into the slim leg/above knee combination. Don’t worry, it works. These are shorts you can dress up a bit for those times when tees and tank tops just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for something classic, here are 19 big and tall chino shorts from Target (sizes to 60) starting at $11. Want something more modern? We Recommend:

ASOS Plus Size Chino Shorts

ASOS Plus Chino Shorts ($29 & up)
Sizes to 48 waist


Big & Tall Patterned Shorts

Finally, retailers like ASOS, Target and (surprisingly) Walmart have realized that big guys want clothes with fun, unique and interesting patterns. ASOS in particular is testing the waters with floral print, abstract and tribal print shorts, perfect for anyone who wants to stand out.

ASOS Tribal Print Short

ASOS Geo Tribal Shorts

ASOS Geo Tribal Shorts ($29 + 20% off)
Sizes to 6X


Honestly though, the biggest surprise came from Walmart, of all places. Their newly updated George line keeps selling out in record time. If you can get your hands on a pair, you should. The patterns are more subdued, but the fit is perfect and sizes are available to 54 waist. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

George Walmart Big & Tall Summer Shorts

George Big Men’s Flat Front Short ($10 & up)
Sizes to 54 waist


Big & Tall Knit Shorts

I was staunchly against wearing knit shorts for anything other than hanging out around the house until this year, when retailers started selling modern cuts for bigger guys. Now, I wear the first pair of knit joggers you see below just about any chance I get. These shorts are comfortable and ultra casual, but still something you can get away with wearing anywhere that doesn’t have a dress code. You need at least one pair of these for summer. Take a look at our picks:

George Big Men's Woven Shorts

George Big Men’s Woven Jogger Short ($10 & up)
Sizes to 5X


Big men's knit shorts

Target Big & Tall Knit Shorts ($12 & up)
Sizes to 5X


Big & Tall Denim Shorts

Listen, wearing denim shorts can go horribly wrong if you end up choosing the wrong pair. Remember to stick with a slimmer short that ends above the knee and you’ll be good to go. A lot of big & tall retailers still sell those super wide, old school jeans that kind of look like the shorts version of JNCOs. You don’t want that. Here’s what you do want:

AE Big & Tall Summer Shorts

AE Denim Shorts ($44.95 & up)
Sizes to 48 waist


ASOS White Denim Shorts

ASOS Design Plus Denim Shorts ($32)
Sizes to 48 waist


There you have it – your quick and easy guide to big & tall summer shorts. Whether you opt for knits, denim, or chino shorts, now you’ve got a few more options. Still want more? See what’s new this week in the Chubstr Shop!