Answerland: Finding the Perfect Overcoat

Answerland: Where Can I Get A Good Overcoat?

Living it up in their overcoats...except for the creeper in the back

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Matt asks:

Question, as it pertains to an upcoming wedding I am attending, can you recommend an overcoat to go with a classic look? A friend of mine is having an outdoor wedding in late October. Knowing my luck it’ll be snowing.

Thanks for the question sir! There are some great options out there, depending upon your budget and preference. In keeping with the tips we offered last week on dressing for a wedding, here are a few suggestions that could work for you:

Burberry TrenchBurberry is our 1st stop. With 100+ years making overcoats for every occasion – from upscale events, to Antarctic expeditions – you’ll probably find a coat that works for you. Sizes to XXL. Prices on run from $750 to $3,795, so be prepared to fork out cash for quality. Shop Burberry here.









Gap OvercoatIf Burberry is a bit too pricey, Gap might be a better option. Their True Black Wool Overcoat is a good classic choice. With a price tag of $158, it won’t put the hurt on your wallet. Sizes run to XXL in this particular overcoat.









Calvin Klein Wool and Cashmere CoatThe Calvin Klein Wool and Cashmere Top Coat is “Everything you look for in a tailored top coat, with the added luxury of 80% wool, 20% cashmere.” This single-breasted coat with a center back vent could work perfectly for your needs. Sizes range from 44 (XL) to 60 (5XL) and will run you $495.









J.Crew has a decent selection of outerwear, if not the widest variety of sizes. From the Fairport Trench to the Mayfair Topcoat, you’ll be able to choose something that suits your tastes as long as you can fit into a 1XL Tall or smaller. Prices for outwear at J.Crew start around $100, but for the higher quality items you’re looking for, prices start at $380 or so and move upward from there.








There are plenty of places to look for decent overcoats; these are a few of our favorites. Be sure to let us know what you end up with!

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