Low cost big and tall dress shirts

Answerland: Where Can I Find Inexpensive Big & Tall Dress Shirts?

Where can I get a big and tall dress shirt cheap?

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This evening’s question comes to us from Kim, who’s looking for a low priced dress shirt:

Hey Chubstr, I was just hoping for a recommendation of where I can find cheap dress shirts, preferably not online. I have a couple weddings to go to in the near future. I am an unemployed college student with little extra money. I did get an indochino suit recently and I don’t wanna look like shit by wearing a nice suit but a dress shirt of poor quality. Thanks.

Thanks for the question, Kim. Luckily, you have quite a few options for quality dress shirts in extended sizes that won’t break the bank. You mentioned that you preferred something offline, but since we’re not sure where you live, I don’t want to recommend specific stores. Most department stores can help you find a shirt in extended sizes that will work for you.

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One last thing to keep in mind is that although you’re looking for a shirt at a lower price point, buying a quality dress shirt that is put together well and a bit more expensive can last you longer, which might be more important in the long run. Depending on how often you’re going to be wearing your suit, it could be important to have a shirt that will hold up and last through whatever you do to it.

Indochino Dress ShirtsSince you purchased your suit from Indochino, I’d first recommend that you take a look at the collection of shirts they offer. I counted somewhere around 40 available, with the vast majority of those being the sort of shirt you’d wear with your suit. You’re familiar with the process you go through to create an Indochino suit; the same is involved with creating your dress shirt. Shirts start at $79 are are made to your specs. Look at the White Essential Wrinkle-Free Shirt

Paul Fredrick Big and Tall Dress ShirtsWe’ve had a lot of readers visiting Paul Fredrick for big and tall clothing lately, with great results. With easily more than 100 dress shirts available and sizes in the big and tall section to 20-37, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Prices in those sections start at $29.95, but if you search the clearance pages, you can find dress shirts starting at $19.99.

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