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Answerland: Clothes in sizes 4XL and up

Answerland: Where Are They Hiding the 4X and Up?

Answerland: Clothes in sizes 4XL and up

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Shmemson asked:

Ok, I need help. I’m a tshirt/jeans guy, but I want to branch out. The problem is, the only store that carries my size is the big and tall, but I don’t want to wear polos and chinos. Where the hell can I find 4x shirts that don’t look like Rush Limbaugh garage sale rejects? I tried walmart, even, in desperation, but everything was just a little too tight. I’m looking for like, western shirts, plaids, ties, etc. Any ideas?

Dickies Western Flannel in Big & Tall Sizes
Dickies Western Flannel at Davis Big & Tall

It’s difficult to find the clothes you want to wear in the sizes you need. It looks like you and I wear some similarly-styled stuff, so I can suggest a few places I shop as well as some of the resources we’ve covered in earlier articles here at Chubstr.

  • PLNDR: They’re a daily sale site that offers primarily streetwear, but I’ve purchased quite a bit from them that has surprised me. You’ll normally find sizes to 5XL there. I’ve talked to the guys at PLNDR and offering a wider variety of clothing in extended sizes is a major focus for them as they grow. You can expect to see more of that in the future. Since the sales change every day, you’ll want to look at each of them to see if there’s anything there that works for you.
  • Dillard’s: The Dillard’s in my town is one of the VERY few places in the mall that I can shop for clothes in my size. They have everything – from suits and more formal attire, to a load of plaids and more casual shirts. You can see some of it on their website, but I’d recommend visiting a store for more options if there’s one close to you. The site isn’t all that easy to navigate. I picked up two new outfits over the weekend just by shopping there. I usually have to visit a few places to get a full outfit, so I was impressed to find everything Dillard’s. Sizes run to 4XLT in tops and 60 in waist.
  • ZapposThe shirts alone run the spectrum from hilarious and horrible to actually stylish. You’ll run into this a lot when you’re searching for clothing in extended sizes. They have a lot of plaid, flannel and woven shirts that might be up your alley. Sizes at Zappos run to 6X.

Big and tall stores are a crapshoot when it comes to good looking stuff, but don’t count them out totally. Granted, they make you work for it, but as a bigger guy, you’re probably used to searching for clothes that fit your body and your style. Davis Big & Tall has some great shirts in your size, such as the dickies western flannel you see pictured here. Their site isn’t great, but they have a lot of what you’re looking for.

I’m a recent convert to and their sister site Rochester Clothing, as they’re putting more focus on providing chubby guys with more stylish options than they have in the past. You’ll certainly see the polos and chinos, but if you take a look at their outfits sections, you’ll find a few other things as well. The specific goal with these sites should be to find individual pieces to mix and match in order to put together a look you love.

Where do you find clothes in your size? Give us your tips and thoughts in the comments below.  

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