How old is too old for Cuffs?

Answerland: Too Old for Cuffs?

How old is too old for Cuffs?

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Geoff C asked via Instagram: Am I too old to wear cuffed jeans at 43?

Thanks for the question Geoff. We went to a professional for an answer to this one. Daniel Cummings, Brand Manager for Baldwin Denim gave us a great answer and a bit of jeans history. Says Daniel:

A lot of guys love a little cuff in their jean – it’s a classic look. Cuffing your jeans actually came from cowboys, who wore shrink to fit Levi’s. They’d be really long, so the guys would have to roll them up and wait for the length to shorten. So really, the cuff came from the necessity of jeans being too long. It became stylish in the 60’s, and I consider it a classic look. We get guys in their 50’s and 60’s who buy our jeans and cuff them.

The short answer: No, you’re not too old to wear cuffed jeans at 43. Follow Daniel on Twitter at @DanielCummings and Baldwin at @BaldwinDenim.

Mike in his cardigan

Maggie asked: Hey, could I ask for a huge favor? My dad is a bigger guy and REALLY wants a red cardigan for during the winter and holiday seasons. Do you or any followers know of a reliable place online or a store in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (Texas) area that has something like that? He normally wears a double XL shirt. Please help, I’d love to get this for my dad.

Hi Maggie! I’m not sure what you’re looking to spend on your Dad’s gift, but Nordstrom has two cardigans in red and XXL, from Burberry and Ted Baker. Too expensive? Don’t love that shade of red? Try this one from Ralph Lauren, or this one from Farfetch.


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