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Answerland: The V-Neck Conundrum & A Good Tailored Pant

Make Your Own Jeans at MakeYourOwnJeans.comAzhar asked: Is round neck or V neck is the most suitable t-shirt for big and tall? How about the colours and design?

I say it’s personal preference. I have a huge neck, and rounded neck tees tend to roll or do other such horrible things and look bad, so I wear v-necks. Now, I mostly wear t-shirts underneath other shirts, so you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway. When I do wear tees out in public, they’re usually darker colors and rounded necks. Again, it’s all personal preference, so my advice to you – wear what you like.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing a v-neck and a bunch of gold chains or anything gaudy like that, but test out some different looks with a variety of tees – it’s the best way to figure out what looks best on you, and what to avoid.

Fleetwood asked: Hey, I gotta know where guys with a waist over 40 (mine is 42-44) FIND PANTS! Like, nice tailored ones that aren’t super baggy and make my butt look good. I’d prefer a skinny jean/chino style if possible. All I’ve been able to find are american eagle jeans. HELP?

I’m also in possession of a waist over size 40, plus i’m not all that tall, so buying pants that fit well off the rack is not in the cards for me. Luckily, there are shops like Indochino, Black Lapel, and Suitly that do custom tailored clothing to your exact specifications. Suitly is new to me, but I like their pant selection – particularly the winter wool pants.

As far as jeans go, House of Halls focuses specifically on sizes 36 to 46, and offers high quality denim in a variety of styles. I’m not sure they really do a skinny jean, though. If want unlimited options and you want to start from scratch creating your own skinny jeans in your size, consider The website isn’t the most beautiful, but you can make anything you want there. Plus – the prices are great for what they offer. In my dealings with them, they’ve been nothing but helpful. I’d say they’re worth a look.