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Answerland: Taking the first step

Answerland: Taking the First Step

Answerland: Taking the first step

Welcome to Answerland, the place where Chubstr answers your burning questions about…well, anything. Questions about clothing, style, grooming, food & drink, entertainment, art, or anything in between – if you have questions, we’ll do our best to help you out. Click here to ask us a question, or leave it in the comments below.

Stardust & Wine asked:
My boyfriend, whom I love to death, is scared of trying new fashion. He is indifferent towards the stuff he wears, but I just *know* if he came in wearing something sharp and fashionable (like a buttonup vest, swoon~) he could likely seduce me to the floor in ten seconds flat. Most things are a bit baggy on him and he does that so he can hide his details. What can I do to help boost his confidence? Are there any gateway fatboy confidence clothing option pieces? He wears sweaters+jeans daily.

Making changes can be difficult, especially changes to something as personal as your style. I was exactly like your boyfriend for a long time – I found one look I was comfortable with, and I stuck with it (usually a shorts & tee combo). It took an understanding girlfriend pushing me to experiment with my look, and some research to find styles I liked before I was ready to try anything different. Chubstr has really helped me further refine my style – with so many gents sending in photos that show off their style, I couldn’t help but be inspired.

Eagles of Death Metal
Try recreating the style of your favorite actor or artist

My suggestion is to take it slow. Introduce new and interesting pieces as opposed to whole outfits. It sounds like coming at him with a full outfit that’s totally different from what he’s used to could be a hard sell. Maybe start with an interesting button down shirt (that is size appropriate – show him photos of bigger guys wearing clothing that fits well, so he can see what it looks like), or even something as simple as an accessory. If you make it a unique piece that adds a little something to his current look, you’ll probably find that he opens up to new styles little by little.

I’d also try to integrate things he likes into his style if possible. You say he’s indifferent to the stuff he wears, so sometimes it can help to look at things he’s interested in to inspire a new look. Does he like certain actors? Certain artists or bands? What worked for me early on was to look at my favorite band’s singer – Josh Homme, from Queens of the Stone age. His looks are mostly simple and classic, and I was drawn to certain pieces and his overall vibe. I knew I wanted to recreate that. Try to start with something like that for your guy – it’s a good way for him to take baby steps toward being more adventurous.

Last, take a look at Chubstr. In addition to the extensive photo submission section here on the site, there are growing style and resource sections. You’ll find good ideas that might translate well to your guy. Let us know how it goes! If you get him to try some new looks, be sure to send in a photo.

What tips would you give someone trying to create their style? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured photo by lindspetrol on Flickr. Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes courtesy Eagles of Death Metal