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Target Big & Tall Swim Shorts

Target Big & Tall Swim Shorts

TheHeartAsunder asked: Do you have any suggestions for finding form-fitting swimwear for bigger guys? I feel like all the companies I’ve looked into expect us to want to hide our bodies behind baggy, shapeless nylon. Just cuz I have a 46″ waist doesn’t mean I don’t want to show off the goods. Thoughts?
It’s that time of year again, so here are a few of our tried and true options:

Answerland: Finding Pants That Fit

Alifeofwant asked: Hello! I’m looking to get some new clothes/pants for my husband, but I’m not having any luck finding bigger sizes local to me. Do you have any website recommendations? The only one I’ve been able to find so far is Belk, but I’m hoping you (or your followers) would have some other suggestions so that I can surprise him. 🙂 Thanks!
You’re running into the problem that we all (generally) run into – the good stuff in extended sizes isn’t available locally. I like Eddie Bauer (sizes 48-50), Orvis (XXL/48 waist), and most of all, Nordstrom (sizes to 6x/58 waist). They have a lot of options in extended sizes for just about everything you might be looking for.

If you want to write back and give us more specifics on your hubby’s style, we can give you more specific suggestions. One last thing – take a look at our old Answerland articles, and the resources section in general. You’ll find a lot of good info there.

Thrifting + a pair of TOMS = a great summer look

Autumn asked: Hi there! I was wondering if you knew of any other blogs out there promoting body positivity for guys. Ive hardly found any so far! My bf is having some body acceptance issues even though he’s absolutely perfect the way he is. I just want to show him that tumblr is full of blogs that can really help. Thank you ! (:
There are a TON of great resources on Tumblr. You’ll find lots of people doing cool things there to promote body acceptance for everyone. As far as blogs that specifically focus on body acceptance issues for gents, I don’t know of any off the top of my head. There aren’t many resources of any kind out there for bigger guys. That’s one of the reasons Chubstr was created.

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