Answerland: Suiting Up, Wide Feet and a New Black Watch

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Chubstr Photo Submission: Formal Occasion

Howling34 asks: I’m 25 and a 350 lb (ish) college student. next year is my grad year with getting a Bachelor of Arts degree and the only suit i own is my high school grad suit from 6 years ago (which i’m now 60-80 lbs heavier) so i don’t have a suit. i have no idea for style and i need tips. what should i do to get a suit that feels comfortable for my size, yet looks classy?
Suits can be tricky for guys of any size, but especially tricky for bigger guys. The good news is that suits come in just about every size. Check out Macy’s for a great selection of big and tall suits. Best of all, they offer sales and coupons regularly. Make sure to look for a slim or ‘modern fit’ suit. Regardless of size or fit, you’ll need to get it tailored. If you don’t know of a reputable one in your area, ask the sales person for help. That way if something goes wrong, they’re on the hook, not you.

Kynnedy's Office Style

Jsdgdo asks: Hey guys. I’m about to start a new job, and I got a little money for buying clothes. Since I live in a tiny country in south america I’ll most definitely will be having them tailored. I just want general advice on what to get. I’m 1.98m tall, I weigh 180kg, and I have an approximately 50cm waist. There’s no dress code, but I’m kinda tired of wearing round neck t-shirts, jeans and sneakers every day. Thank you so much!
When there aren’t any limitations on dresscode, I say go with what feels comfortable. For the office, a plaid or gingham button down and colored denim or chinos are always good choices. Try out a denim jacket over the shirt and pair it with a knit tie. It’ll be a smart but casual look. If the button down seems like a bit of overkill, try a polo. Either way, go with what feels right. Good Luck!

Florsheim Rockit Chukka
Photo: Rockport

CharmingPumpkin asks: Hiya! My husband has incredibly wide feet. I’ve been on a seemingly endless quest to find him a pair of nice, stylish boots to no avail. Suggestions?
A wide foot can be a challenge. Check out Rockport for extra wide width shoes and boots. Also, I can’t get enough of these Florshiem distressed Rockit Chukkas. They’re available in extra wide and will last a very long time.

Movado Bold Series
Photo: Movado

The Collectif Magazine says: I’m looking for some watches, black face, and preferred leather bands, any ideas?
Watches are very much a personal preference. Some people like understand simple watches, and others really like to lay on the bling. I recently picked up this Ted Baker watch at Nordstrom. It’s understated enough but has a flourish of orange on the hands. While not black, this Timex Easy Reader is a sleek timepiece. Plus, it’s super affordable. If you’re looking for something with a little more personality, try the Movado Bold series watches. They come in a variety of colors, styles and are available at Nordstrom.