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Answerland: Short Shorts and Great Looking Jeans

Matthew's Tee & Shorts Combo
Ladies and gents, Matthew Simko in a great pair of shorts!

It’s Answerland, where Chubstr writers answer reader questions on style, entertainment, fashion and technology. Send your questions to us via social @chubstr, or use the form on our site found here. Without further ado:

iaufh asks: With summer coming up what kind of shorts would you recommend? It seems like short shorts are all the rage amongst the smaller sized crowd but I just don’t feel like they would look good on a big guy like me…
My first suggestion would be for you to go and try some of those shorter shorts. I’m not sure how tall you are, or how you’re built, but if you’re built like me (short and wide), then longer, wider shorts aren’t going to work so well for you. They make you look shorter, and take away some of your shape. It’s really important, especially as a bigger guy, to try on things, even if you’re not quite sure they’ll work for you. I find that a lot of things I never thought I’d wear look great on me, and in many cases, it’s been my hesitation to try something new and different.

That said, if you give the shorter style a try and it doesn’t work out, try some longer, yet tailored shorts. You don’t want them to be long and baggy, especially if you’re not very tall. Regardless of what you choose, Nordstrom has a good variety of big and tall shorts for men. (affiliate link)

Anthony from Indochino Traveling Tailor San Francisco - Photo by Mike Self
Bruce’s Favorite Jeans

johnnynoname1982 wants to know: Hello there my good sir, I was looking through some of your posts and in the one talking about your visit with the traveling tailor in San Fran you where wearing a pair of jeans. I have been trying to find a new cut of jeans due to a change in style preference. We have a similar build and wanted to know what brand and cut of jeans those where if it was not to much trouble.
Thank you for the question, JohnnyNoName1982! You know how finding jeans that look great and fit well is a real pain in the ass. I’ve looked forever to find the perfect pair, and I finally came across AG Graduate jeans. (affiliate link) They’re made from a higher end denim (meaning don’t wash them all that often), and they have a bit of stretch to them, meaning they give when you need them to. Because of the stretch, the jeans are a size 42 and they fit perfectly, even though I regularly wear a 44/46.

I love these jeans, but that love comes with a price tag. They start around $168. Here’s the thing: I wear them all the time, so I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them. Considering how difficult it is to find jeans that look good and fit well in my size, it’s a good investment.

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